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3 Post-Retreat Rituals For Continued Self Care

October 23, 2018

For many people the reason to book a retreat is founded in a need to slow down, disconnect and focus on self. This coming year I have several retreats scheduled (and I’ll be hosting one of my own) however next up I’m very excited to be attending the YOGASCAPES Gypsey Yoga Retreat in Colombia.

ouiwe girlOn the most basic level these concepts – slow living and wellness – are rooted in the idea of making a conscious effort to find balance in the mind, body and spirit. For me taking a personal license to seek out good vibes and do what feels right for the body and soul is one of the reasons I’m so interested in this style of travel. Flying away to foreign places, exploring new cultures and eating local foods is so gratifying. For me, the mindfulness rituals and grounding experiences I discover along the way while traveling also makes it so special. If you love finding new rituals to take home too here’s a handful of rituals you can do at home after a retreat is over. I hope to see you in Colombia!

ouiwe girl

Ground in the Green

Most recently I’ve been in Bali. One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had is hiking Mount Batur. After trekking up the side of an active volcano I arrived to the top of the mountain. The second I did, I took off my shoes and sunk my feet deep into the mud and sand. Why? There’s loads of evidence that shows that a regular connection to Mother Earth can change your energetics and well-being. Earth is associated with rootedness – it invokes practicality, sustainability of the body and sensibility in how we treat ourselves. While traveling find balance in forests, farms, fields and green spaces.

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When your trip is over even the small act of being outside, bare feet standing in the grass and absorbing the Earth’s nutrients, will allow you to root in and reset your energy. Discover Bali through YOGASCAPES’ incredible Bali Yoga Retreats in January and March and hike to the top of Mount Batur at sunrise!

Chakra Cleanse Every Morning

What are Chakras? They’re the points where the energetic body and physical body meet. Imagine them like wheels constantly in motion. If these wheels get stuck we may feel out of sorts. A good way to start the day is by getting our energy moving. There’s 3 simple steps to my morning cleansing practice:

1. Upon waking, before doing anything else head to the bathroom and run cold water in the sink.

2. Close your eyes and starting with the base of your body begin to imagine the first color of the rainbow (red).

3. Splash cool water on your face to disperse leftover heat and as you do so, continue to visualize the color red. Continue this process seven times, imagining that rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) running all the way up your body.

Those colors of the rainbow are the same colors as the chakra energy within your body. While you’re taking this small moment of meditation you’re also rehydrating your skin and waking up your senses.

Create an Altar with Souvenirs

Whether or not you have an altar at home, gathering a few significant objects you’ve picked up along the way while traveling can keep you connected to the memory of the experience. A few items to consider that make for a perfect little post travel altar: crystals, seashells, essential oils, coins, notes and instant photos. The altar can serve as a place to reconnect to the feeling you experienced during your travels and steady the mind in moments of overwhelm or stress. All your travel altar to be sacred and a visual reminder of your place out in the world and the experiences you’ve had out in the world.

Feel free to follow along on Instagram. I share more about rituals, travel experiences and how to find moments of mindfulness while out in the world there. Wishing you the most transformative and soul filled travel experiences and come and join me on the Yogascapes Colombia Gitana Del Mar experience coming up in January! To receive a discount use the code YSOUIWEGIRL for $50 off any YS trip!