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June 9, 2019

The elders of the high Andean indigenous community, Q’eros, say that we all have a place that summons us into its presence. However close or far from home it wouldn’t be, this is where our key lessons reside, this is where our personal gifts will be activated, healing will happen, awakening might come.

sacred valley yoga retreat

For me, that place has been the Sacred Valley of the Incas – a magnificent green stretch of land nestled between the famous town of Cusco and the high jungle in which rests Machu Picchu. From the first moment that I landed in this part of the world, I knew I was in for a big ride. Suddenly, I was surrounded by wisdom keepers who carried a message, by breathtaking nature that brought tears to my eyes, by beautiful people who smiled generously and welcomed me into their homes and circles. The bright colors, the smell of fresh herbs, the hundreds of varieties of potatoes at the farmers’ market, the pristine lakes hidden at the tops of the mountains, the dry air and strong sun, the altitude – even though I always thought I’d end up living on a beach, here I was on an unfamiliar territory, loving everything about it.

peru yoga retreat

I came and I stayed. The Sacred Valley has been my home for almost two years now, abundant and generous, demanding and rewarding. Imagine waking up to a sky so blue that it virtually hurts your eyes, listening to the tall eucalyptus trees move with the gentle wind, wind on your skin, heart wide open. Imagine walking the paths of the Incas, passing by the remnants of their empire, visiting sacred sites, touching the mystery of that advanced civilization. Imagine practicing and sleeping on a land that’s crystalline – most of the mountains quartz based – and the frequency that you enter into every single day. And finally, if you close your eyes, visualize yourself held from all directions by gigantic peaks, their spirits known as the Apus – mountain teachers and guides. Being in the Sacred Valley feels like visiting deep into the womb of the Earth – the vast skies and horizons are held in the safe and tight container of the Andes.

sacred valley yoga retreat

The medicine of the Earth element – rooting, grounding us in the here and now, calling in security and safety, clear embodiment. Simply being on this land for a few days is enough to come alive. Imagine this combined with a week of powerful practices, rituals, hikes and wanderings in nature. You might as well fasten you seatbelt, the Apus are sure to take you out on an unforgettable adventure!

Join me and Yogascapes on our yoga retreat in the Sacred Valley in September!