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The Beauty of Not Yet

July 4, 2019

When you find yourself in the cycles of nature, you know that the beauty outside also resides within. There is beauty in a seed, closed up tight and full of pure potential.

You are like a seed when it seems there is nothing to show for yourself except trusting what will unfold next. You have been in a seed stage of your life and you will probably find yourself there again. It can feel unsettling, and yet, there is beauty in the not yet. In the void of the unknown.

Often beauty is thought of as something that can be seen. This is not always the case. Imagine the new moon for a moment. Where is she? Why can’t we see her?

The new moon is not in shadow, she’s actually surrounded in light so bright that we cannot distinguish her form. In this moment of apparent invisibility, the new moon is aligned with the source of light and life from the sun. A sacred pause to reconnect before venturing out on her own orbit again.

Beauty is found in contraction as well as expansion. The seed stage pulls us out of constant growth to consolidate and tend to our intentions before beginning a new cycle. There is no denying that this can be painful. And it is all part of the beauty of the seed. The pause. Recalibration. The beginner’s mind and starting over. The not yet.

The beauty of not yet is often overlooked in a society that prefers blooming over becoming and celebrates peak performance over daily practice. There is an undeniable pressure to be full all the time. While the full moon receives the most attention, the not-yet-full seems deficient. The no-longer-full is cast aside.

When a flower drops all its petals, it sacrifices an outer beauty to become a fruit ripe with inner beauty. The petals must fall for life to continue. Like the moon, we must wane to see the wisdom of experience. After the fruit falls to the ground and begins to rot and merge with the earth many people turn away. Decay is not seen as beautiful to those who only focus on the beauty of the flower. But the flower is only one step in the unfolding process. Each phase relies on all the others to be whole.

Learn to see the beauty of every stage from seed to compost back to seed. Beauty is an unfolding process of expansion and contraction. Just like the moon. Every phase offers insight into the essence of your cyclical nature. Honor all the phases of yourself.

April McMurtry

April McMurtry always has the moon on her mind and seeds of some kind in her pocket. Join April on to practice Kundalini yoga meditation and align with lunar time. Learn more about working with the New Moon Calendar Journal as a creative healing practice at and on IG @themoonismycalendar.