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Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat 2019

April 1, 2019

Our first yoga retreat in Sri Lanka was a huge success thanks to Rukgala Retreat, our Yogascapes guides and of course our incredible group of yogis, travelers and story tellers from around the world.

Sweet Sri Lanka.

As I sit in the car to leave the retreat, the young boy who has been shyly serving us all week is nearby with his sweet smile that was always louder than his voice. He waves goodbye and I make a swinging motion to say that next time I come I will play cricket with him. He smiles back and it’s almost too much.

Honey home, mango smiles, voices of shy sweetness, sun-kissed skin. You are Sri Lanka.

Barefoot tuk tuk Driver’s, head bobbles and warm breezes. You are Sri Lanka.

Jungle birds, the trical syrup, papaya, homemade bread, green mango curry, elephants, monkeys, Buddha, markets, Sigiriya rock, lakes, mountains, pineapple, jackfruit, coconut mornings, coconut everything’s, healing yoga, Ayurveda, puppies, sleepy train rides, swimming, paddle boarding, red rice, white rice, rice fields, sambol, shirodhara, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, crazy drivers, jokes for days, roti, flowers, tea, waterfalls, temples, sesame, surfing, pilgramage. You are Sri Lanka.

If your sweetness is irresistible. You are Sri Lanka.

We have another Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka in 2020, check it out here!

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Ben Crosky

Ben currently resides in New Mexican desert in between leading yoga retreats with Yogascapes and exploring the most incredible places on earth for healing, wellness, and living deeply.