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3 Reasons to Retreat with Lisa Åkesson Stryker in Sri Lanka

February 20, 2019

Sometimes when I vacation or retreat, I want to learn, grow and be challenged. I want to feel all the feels and cry with both joy and sadness as I make space to let go of the past. I want to go deep, unveil and have bottomless real conversations with like-minded brothers and sisters. I want to progress in my asana practice and continue on the path to my fullest expression. I feel ready to tackle the biggest questions there are and nothing can stop me.

But sometimes, I want none of that. I just want to enjoy the beauty of the place I’m visiting, rest and reset. I want to sit on my butt and read a good book, eat delicious food in pleasant company, adventure on beautiful excursions and enjoy the local scenery and culture. Whichever mood you’re in, good news is – the Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat is for you. Here’s why:

1. This is your chance to place your attention on the details in your asana practice.

The true beauty of Yoga lies in the subtleties. Together we will explore the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Through these elements, you will come to understand how they manifest in everything you do. From how you walk, eat, cook, practice asana, work, communicate and make love, they are intertwined in all of life. You can either enjoy the classes as they are, or you can learn how to sculpt your own sadhana to take back home with you. This is a unique opportunity to find balance through Ayurveda in your practice and to empower yourself in your yoga.

2. Deepen Connection and Awareness

Learn how to meditate, create ownership of your space, find connection to the breath and use subtle energy tools to manage your personal energy on and off the mat. The practices I’ve been teaching and studying for the last years are powerful. Your yoga sessions will include guided meditations that will support you through the retreat and that you can take back home with you. Some of the benefits I’ve experienced are that I sleep better, find it easier to make decisions, and my relationships have improved. With newfound clarity and awareness comes personal power and independence.

3. Explore the exquisite scenery of Sri Lanka

Embrace excursions to a tea plantation, an Elephant Sanctuary or Minneria Reserve and a breathtaking train-ride to Adam and Ella’s peak. We also have an Ayurvedic cooking class included for you as well as a day of hiking and canoeing in breathtakingly beautiful nature. This retreat includes some of the best Sri Lanka has to offer and you get to do it all – or stay and rest to reset. You can create the retreat you need for yourself, just the way you want and need to. Let it be an adventure inward, as well as in the external beauty of this special place.

Whatever it is that is calling you to retreat, YOGASCAPES and I look forward to giving you the best we have to offer, and sharing this wonderful Retreat in Sri Lanka with you.

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