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Attitude of Gratitude

December 1, 2019

One of many benefits to living on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka is waking up each morning to the chanting of Pali mantras wafting across the hills and valleys. I’ve always enjoyed the mystical melodies of the Buddhist monks, but it was only recently I discovered their meaning. They are in fact chants of gratitude – a mantra practice I’ve now adopted for the start of each new day.

The monks have known for centuries what the Western world is now slowly catching up on. Having an attitude of gratitude is the surest way to a truly happy, fulfilled and abundant life. But how many of us were taught this as children? Unfortunately, I can’t imagine many hands going up right now. For most, we are brought up on the notion of scarcity in a survival of the fittest human race.

Growing up, I was taught to be grateful for what I had, but it was not in an appreciative way, rather in a “make do with what you have and don’t expect any more” type of way. When I discovered Yoga this perspective began to shift. Gratitude is no longer an obligation when you can slow down and be present in the moment without judgement or expectation. There is a natural flow of appreciation when you deepen your understanding of how the very simplest of things can enrich your experience. In each moment, even the breath can be a gift to be grateful for. Challenges can be tools for learning and growth.  Acknowledging and honoring this journey, without regard for the outcome, is a sure way to bring more clarity to what really matters in your life, and help you move through your daily experience with greater contentment and ease. 

What’s more, cultivating gratitude amplifies the vibrations that attract more desirable attributes to be grateful for! Not only can you feel happier with reality as it is, you will start to attract more of the things you have always dreamt of, and so morph your current reality into your most desired reality. Gratitude is the kick-ass cornerstone to manifestation. 

Scientists have also proven that expressing gratitude more regularly, either through the spoken word or through keeping a gratitude journal, literally makes people happier on an anatomical level. Rather than stagnating on the negative as us humans so often do, consciously expressing gratitude, shifts our awareness to the positive aspects of our lives. Soon we begin to see, and appreciate, more and more to be grateful for.

Adopting an attitude of gratitude is as simple as starting any new healthy habit. It just takes some time and motivation. As well as a daily yoga and meditation practice, in my quest to align with these frequencies of love and abundance, I begin each day by writing down 5 things that I am grateful for in my life. When setting intentions, I cultivate a feeling of love and gratitude first as this is the most fertile soil to plant those intentional seeds in. If you want to inspire more gratitude for the people in your life make a point of telling them what you appreciate about them, and  hug hard and often! It can be difficult to live in a constant state of gratitude, but you can learn to cultivate it by these simple acts! 

With gratitude,

Ems x

Emma Sheridan

Emma Sheridan has been sharing her love of yoga as a full-time teacher since 2010. This path has led her to teaching in more than 10 countries, from India and Dubai to Morocco and The Philippines. She has accumulated more than 800 hours of training with inspirational teachers around the world, and offers an encouraging and safe space that supports inward focus and exploration of our potential!

For Emma, yoga has been an immense teacher and gift in her life. Her practice has unlocked an entirely new energy, creativity, passion and joy, and this is what she hopes to inspire in others!