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Top 10 Destinations for Deep healing

September 10, 2018

We’re happy that you take your yoga and travel seriously, and we’re here to remind you to take your personal wellness and self-care just the same. In addition to scouting out the most spectacular destinations and teachers for our retreats, YOGASCAPES also works and finds the most amazing bodyworkers and natural healers on the planet. 

From working with the mystical Kogi people at our Colombia yoga retreat to diving deep into yoga and Ayurevda in Sri Lanka, bathing in sacred water temples in Bali, to soaking up the vibes off the epic hot springs in Iceland and all points in between, there’s no lack of unique and powerful experiences to join us for in the year ahead. 

The current transition towards the fall season provides the perfect setting to reflect and commit to a healing experience of self-care. In many eastern modalities this time of year corresponds with the Earth element, here in the west we know this time of year as the harvest.

Check out our favorite 10 healing rituals from some of our favorite upcoming retreats below, and be sure to get in on the action #YSSelfCareSept 

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best yoga retreat spa in ecuador

1. Ecuador ( Volcanic Hot Springs )

After our trip into the Amazon with the Pachamama Alliance we’ll retreat to Luna Runtun. The setting is unique, surrounded by mountains, 70 waterfalls and thermal water. Luna Runtun’s 310 acres of unspoiled Andean forest are located on the eastern flank of the active Tungurahua volcano (16.457 ft / 5.016 m ), 1.312 ft / 400 m above the charming town of Baños (5.905 ft / 1.800 m), gateway to the Amazon Rainforest, surrounded by Sangay and Llanganates National Parks. Spectacular views!

Enjoy 25 adventure activities: 11 hikes, rafting, canyoning, biking, horse backriding, travelling throughout the countryside, Amazon rainforest and birdwatching programs; 25 SPA treatments, 4 pools and jacuzzi with hot volcanic water, Runtun Restaurante with ecuadorian food, Café del Cielo with 34 varieties of coffee, themed rooms and Romantic Suites decorated exquisitely.

bali yoga retreat

2. Bali (Water Ritual)

Every day in Bali is filled with ritual. From the daily offerings left every where, to the deep work with healers, you’ll be sure to come across amazing healing ritual in Bali. On our YOGASCAPES  Bali Retreats, in addition to daily yoga and healing foods, we visit our favorite water temple for a beautiful ritual that you just have to try once in your life. We also finish our hike up Mt. Batur by bathing in the natural hot springs that overlook the lake.

On our upcoming retreat to bali in January we will be offering the following: Soak in Hot Springs at Mt. Batur. Visit to Tirta Empul, Bali’s most sacred spring pools for a purification ritual. Boreh calss – Balinese ancestral warming balm herbal preparation, Jamu class – Prepare and taste our traditional curcuma healing drink

3. Peru (Solar Baths)

Experience an outdoor floral bath under a velvet night sky bejeweled with the Milky Way.

We’re so excited to be going back to Peru to dive into the rich healing and transformation culture there. Although the archeology, food, scenery and people could easily steal the show, it can’t be overlooked that each of those elements has its roots in healing. Whether it be the way that the temples were designed, the nourishment of the food you’ll eat, the spectacular healing power of the Andes or the energy of the people, Peru is a place to bathe in healing arts. While many come for plant medicine, that’s not the only ritual that can be found. On our Peru Retreat in 2019 we’ll explore Peru and also find time for a Despacho Ceremony, bodywork and one of our favorite treatments, the Solar Baths at Willka Tika. The unique solar baths, carved from stone and set in secluded garden spots, are heated and energized by the sun during the day. At night the water is infused with flowers, medicinal herbs and organic Maras salt.

4. Australia (Kodo Massage)

Although being in the oldest rainforest in the world and swimming the Great Barrier reef is enough for any one trip, we thought we would highlight one of the many spa treatments available on our Australia Yoga Retreat. We love finding the local healing modalities and can’t wait to try Kodo.

A rhythmic body massage inspired by traditional Indigenous techniques, designed to rebalance and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body wellness. Using a combination of pressure points and spiraling movements to ground and uplift, this massage will relieve muscular aches and pains while leaving the body renewed and refreshed. A blend of unique native aromatic oils will rejuvenate, harmonise or detoxify.


5. Morocco (Hammam)

We are in love with Morocco for many reasons, however spending time at the local hammam is probably at the top of the list. Each hammam experience is different, so don’t come in with expectations. You’ll be bathed, steamed, rinsed, massaged and thouroughly cleaned making a hammam treatment a great way to start a trip or end one, or get a deep clean after spending 3 days in the Sahara Desert like we’ll be doing on or Sahara Yoga Retreat 2019.

6. Iceland (Beer Spa)

With so many hot springs to soak in in Iceland, we’re happy to have found a unique spa experience that combines two of Iceland’s passions, hot springs and beer. Soak in a beautiful tub filled with young beer, hops, yeast and pure glacier water and your skin will feel incredible. Not to mention the tap that’s all yours right next to the tub. When you get out you’ll be wrapped in blankets and spend time in the nap room or soak in the sauna or hot tubs overlooking the Arctic Ocean. On our Yoga Retreat in Iceland in February, we’ll be going back!

7. Colombia – (Kogi Ceremony)

Colombia is becoming one of our favorite destinations at YOGASCAPES. We first came to get away from it all and feel what it’s like to be on a deserted beach on the edge of one of the most beautiful mountainscapes in the world. What we found were the incredible healing waters of the Sierra Nevadas and the unbelievable Kogi people. This place has the highest mountains closest to the ocean in the entire world and so the waters that run from the snow capped mountains to the see are sacred. We’ve built a cleansing Kogi Ceremony into our Colombia retreat schedule to get a taste of the healing powers of this land and the people who guard it. The Kogi people are not only protecting their sacred land, but coming down from the mountain to teach us how to help protect the land that is being depleted by all of us.

costa rica yoga retreat

8. Costa Rica – (Body Scrubs)

Balance the mind and body, nurture the skin and soul, with our specially designed and wide selection of treatments, such as deep tissue and Thai massage, facials, body scrubs, body wraps, hair and feet therapies, and more. Spa treatments are pure to the core and feature all natural ingredients sourced from the surrounding water and rainforest. Our organic ingredients range from local cacao beans, costa rican coffee, purely extracted Osa mud, freshly picked ylang ylang flowers, coconut milk and much much more…

9. Mexico – (Temezcal)

Temezcal, also known as sweat lodge, is found around the world in many forms. And even in Mexico, with it’s diverse landscape and indigneous tribes, every Temezcal is unqiue. At YOGASCAPES we’ve experienced temezcal in Yelapa, in Baja, in the Yucatan and belive that it is one of the most healing ways to experience yourself and to experience the richness of Mexican healing ritual. Find Temezcal on our upcoming yoga retreat in Oaxaca in January.

10. Sri Lanka (Ayurveda)

We are so excited to be traveling to the land of tea and spices this year in March on our first ever Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka with our yoga and Ayurveda practitioner Sachi Doctor. Just being in Sri Lanka is a healing endeavor and doing so at our retreat in Rukgala where we’ll be eating nourishing Ayurvedic meals, having consults with Sachi and the in house doctor. Ayurvedic Massage will be available throughout the retreat.