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A Yogi’s Restaurant Guide to Ubud, Bali

May 2, 2017

When the first meal you eat in Bali makes you cry, you know your in for it. When this happens again at the end of your first massage, you realize you’re going to want to stay forever… Bali has a way of making you fall in love immediately and we’re here to share our absolute favorite spots for gorgeous food, the warmest hospitality, epic adventure and, of course, amazing massage and self-care in central paradise of Ubud. Every year, we host retreats in Bali and are inspired every time. With open hearts, we seek the ancient, sacred spirit of traditional Bali as well as the undeniably alluring hippy paradise being cultivated – and the fascinating fusion of the two.

So let’s talk food… Oh, the food. Balinese cuisine is absolutely bursting with vibrant color and flavor and is prepared with a love that you can taste; hence the name of our Bali Yoga Retreat, “Life as Offering,” since every action and creation is felt as an opportunity to put forward your most beautiful offering. In Balinese cooking, it’s common to use ingredients like galangal, ginger, turmeric, Kaffir lime and coriander to inspire the appetite, weaving together influences from Indonesian, China and India. Every year, we love to visit Bali Baik for a traditional cooking class (and feast). And more recently, Ubud has become a mecca for health-conscious cafes bringing that hippy flare with creative macro bowls, superfood desserts, endless balancing Ayurvedic juices and more. Some of our favorites below:

Fivelements (photo below): 

Actually located outside of Ubud, Fivelements offers unbelievable multi-course healing meals made with love in every bite. As I sat down and take my first bites of the elaborate multi-course lunch at Fivelements, I quickly realized that eating here is big. Yes, the meals are abundant in size, but I mean big as in important. Maybe it was the creamy cashew cheese on the Caprese salad or the delicate wild mushrooms decorating the main course that did me in, but I fell in love with the food immediately. Fivelements offers food as medicine and as art; and this is what brought me to tears. At YOGASCAPES, our retreats are an invitation that connect you to your truest self and we believe food is an essential inspiration in this process.

five elements bali

Seeds of Life (photo below):

This was one of our first stops in Ubud – located in a sweet alley in Downtown Ubud, Seeds of Life is fantastic for a nourishing boost during your day. We’re still dreaming of this spirulina cacao mint bliss balls and “Bhakti Bliss” smoothie, and will never forget that deep magenta dairy-free dragon fruit cheesecake.seeds of life ubud

Atman Kafe:

This wonderful cafe has two locations, as we loved our time at Atman Kafe and Atman Nourish Kafe, looking out on the rice fields during the rain. Indulging in a mid-day sweet craving, we tried the super yummy carrot cake and ginger kombucha as the tropical storm brought a beautiful slowness to the afternoon. This cafe also has a nice selection of essential oils and gifts.

yoga barn baliKafe + Yoga Barn (photo above)

During our stay at the Yoga Barn, we quickly became obsessed with their morning Kitcharee and Belly Juice (Tumeric, Honey, Aloe and Lime) and the amazing cappuccino. Having this three days in a row was just too darn good, especially after a beautiful morning flow with a local instructor. We also loved snacking on the vegetable samosas in the relaxing cafe atmosphere.

Clear Cafe (Two Locations)

Clear Cafe is a must for a beautiful setting, unlike any cafe we’ve ever seen. In the downtown location, a large circular revolving door welcomes you into a half-garden, half-cafe setting with stairs that look like their floating and a fireman’s pole from the second story. We especially enjoyed the Rabbit Bowl and the juices.


Set in the jungle on the outskirts of Ubud, this open air cafe was the perfect setting to kick back with a fresh juice and overflowing mixed salad. 

9 Angels:

An affordable organic, vegetarian buffet and community event space that sits off the beaten path just a bit. Home to a variety of colorful dishes plus plenty of fun events such as figure drawing, live music and more.

We’ve also heard great reviews of Elephant Cafe, Locavore and Kismet, but have to leave some restaurants for next time around because we know we’ll be back next year for our annual retreat.

Check out these delicious spots and let us know what you think!