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Yogascapes Yoga Retreat in Scotland in Pictures

November 30, 2016

Our second annual yoga retreat in Scotland was a feast for the senses and these pictures by Sasha Juliard are a feast for the eyes.

Check out the amazing retreat center EcoYoga.  We indulged in their healing waters, food and details that always make us feel like we’ve come home now matter how far we’ve traveled.

If you want to join us in 2017, sign up here: Scotland Yoga Retreat 2017


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Ben Crosky

Working as a tour guide in the streets of Barcelona while simultaneously diving deeper into his yoga practice was the inspiration that eventually led Ben to merge the world of yoga and travel into what is now a collection of some of the most unique adventures on earth. Bringing together his passion for yoga, food, travel, community, healing and adventure was the original drive behind Ben’s passion for leading yoga retreats, however, the life changing transformation that takes place as a result of this coming together of these things is what truly inspires him.
Living in Oakland, CA, Ben now splits his time between the behind the scenes creation YOGASCAPES experiences and being the onsite retreat guide. He is also very much involved in the vibrant food scene of the Bay Area and can be found on weekends hosting WILDSOUL’S monthly mouth watering breakfast clubs and farm to table yoga retreats.