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YOGASCAPES One of the ’10 Stunning Travel Accounts To Follow On Instagram’

March 16, 2016

Who doesn’t go to Instagram for to fuel your Wanderlust? In between yoga retreats, we try to keep the travel inspiration alive on our Instagram and we were honored to be included on Refinery 29’s list of the 10 Stunning Travel Accounts To Follow On Instagram.

Take a look at (part of) the list below and share your favorite travel accounts with us.

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Afar really understands the value of exploring like a local. From tailored city guides to off-the-beaten path trails, the content is all about discovery. And its Instagram feed reflects that. You’ll find awe-inspiring snaps of exotic destinations accompanied by useful insider information.

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Tiny Atlas Quarterly
When we’re plotting our next vacation and in need of ideas, we head to Tiny Atlas Quarterly’s vibrant Insta page. Bright scenery, rugged locales, and cuddly animals — it’s all there, just like the gorgeous magazine’s pages. We can’t even count how many times we’ve gotten lost exploring this feed.

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Cereal Mag
Are you a discerning traveler with a love for all things minimalist? If so, then Cereal Mag’s Instagram feed is for you. You’ll find muted tones, striking points of interest, and some top-notch global shopping destinations. A little bit of everything, packaged with a perfectly pared-down approach.

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We love Yogascapes’ gorgeous stream for its inspiring mix of locations and its focus on wellness. The yoga retreat company curates trips around the globe for the health-minded traveler, so the next time you’re wondering where to launch your next spirit quest or just trying to find the best cities for outdoor yoga, you know where to look.

Check out Refinery 29’s full list here. 

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