The Winter Sierras Retreat

Life in the Elemental Flow in California with Hayley Ebersole


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Rejuvenate your life with healing waters and fresh mountain air

Mark your calendars: This February 9-11, get on your mat with Hayley Ebersole, play in the snow, soak in hot springs, and read by the heat of a wood fire stove on this ultimate winter weekend getaway at Sierra Hot Springs.


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Full price (no deposit option).



  • 4 Yoga Classes with Hayley
  • Delicious, Abundant Meals
  • Accommodation of Your Choosing
  • Use of Hot Springs and Facilities


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We are so excited to invite you to our Winter Yoga Retreat with Hayley Ebersole. Every year, we fall in love with Sierra Hot Springs and can’t wait to share this magical place with you in the wintertime. With the fireplace crackling, cat curled up on the couch and fellow guests cozy reading on the couches, the sense of retreat is real. Hayley will warm us up with daily yoga classes that invite us to deepen our practice and offer ourselves compassion, curiosity and playfulness. Off the mat, time the wood fire stove and the hot springs will continue to heat our bodies and rejuvenate our souls.

“My greatest teacher has been and continues to be my body, my breath, and the bodies of my clients. We have much to learn from the body’s resistance, its pain and tension, as well as its incredible resilience, strength, and openness. Your body tells the whole story.” – Hayley Ebersole

This trip is open to all levels of yoga experience, all ages, families, couples, friends and solo travelers. There are typically vegetarian/vegan and meat options at meals, and we can accommodate gluten free, dairy free and other food requests. Accommodations are rustic but comfortable and provide the perfect home for a yoga retreat in nature.

Room Accommodations in the Main Lodge are in the Main Lodge and Globe Hotel. The Globe Hotel is located a short drive or 20 min walk (1 mile) from the Main Lodge.



Hayley offers a path to strength, self-confidence and awe for the miraculous mechanics of the human body by creating a motivating environment to explore our body-minds from the inside out. Hayley’s commitment to radical self-care and the natural world permeate her juicy flow class, inviting you into intimacy with all parts of yourself through the vehicle of the breath.

As a passionate body nerd and philosophy student, she can either be found with her head in a book about human anatomy and technologies of liberation or out in nature, on the TRX or on her mat exploring her own. She encourages her students to be somanauts on and off the mat, intricately exploring where their bodies and minds are balanced and fluid as well as where they get tight and stuck. This intimacy with our inner body translates as greater peace, more easeful relationships and fluidity and joy of movement in class, at work and at play.

In addition to being inspired by the latest myofascial and neuroscience, her teaching is infused with the traditions of Tantric Buddhism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, earth wisdom, archetypal mythology, guided visualization and somatic psychology. Each class is based on the cycle of the moon and the seasons through a combination of unique sequencing, challenging asana, meditation and pranayama. As a celebrated massage therapist specializing in chronic pain, she’s able to translate the intricacies of healthy movement and how to correct imbalances through restorative alignment with an attitude of compassion, curiosity and playfulness.


Hayley Ebersole


Yoga Teacher

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Sierra Hot Springs, gives you that comforting feeling of being in a home immediately. Here, it is impossible to resist the overwhelming sense of tranquility. Sierra Hot Springs is a quiet, peaceful destination set among an enchanted forest and vast alpine valley looking towards the peaks of the Sierras. The natural spring water is as smooth as silk, and the pools are a true experience. For centuries, Native Americans have regarded this land as a sacred healing place and we continue to humbly appreciate and enjoy it.

Accommodations are in both the Main Lodge and Globe Room (a 15/20 min walk from the pools and main lodge). The pools are clothing optional, so guests can individually decide what is most comfortable for them. There is wifi in the Main Lodge and Globe Hotel, but we suggest disconnecting as much as possible to soak up the serene surroundings.

Description of Rooming:

Camping – Bring a tent and everything you need. Beautiful camping sites. Weather can be cold; shared indoor camping available.
Dorm – Shared space with bunk-beds and common bathroom. Lots of space and cozy.
Double – Queen or two separate beds. Shared Bathrooms.
Single – Queen bed. Shared Bathrooms.

What to Bring?

Sierra is remote, so bring all you need for a 3-day excursion.

1. Towel
2. Slippers (shoes-off indoor, so slippers are nice)
3. Bathrobe
4. Clothes for yoga
5. Hiking shoes if you like
6. Warm clothes for morning meditation
7. Flashlight
8. Calling card for phone calls (no cell phone reception)
9. Water bottle
10. Small towel for yoga
11. Yoga mat and a yoga blanket if you own one. We have mats if you don’t own one.
12. Alarm clock
13. Sun screen and sun hat



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  • Day 1

    day 1
  • Day 2

    day 2
  • Day 3

    day 3


Trip Includes
Early Bird
May 1 - Dec 1 / 2017
  • Indoor/Outdoor Camping
    $445 / person
  • Dorm
    $545 / person
    Single bed in a shared room
  • Globe Room Couple
    $595 / person
    1 Queen bed. Shared bath. When lodge is sold out - Globe Hotel is 1 mile from main lodge.
  • Globe Room Private
    $695 / person
    1 Queen bed. Shared bath. When Lodge is sold out - Globe Hotel is 1 mile from main lodge.
Normal Price
Normal Price
  • Indoor/Outdoor Camping
    $545 / person
  • Dorm
    $645 / person
    Single bed in a shared room
  • Globe Room Couple
    $645 / person
    1 Queen bed. Shared bath. When lodge is sold out - Globe Hotel is 1 mile from main lodge.
  • Globe Room Private
    $745 / person
    1 Queen bed. Shared bath. When Lodge is sold out - Globe Hotel is 1 mile from main lodge.

NOTE:Not included: Transportation and massage

Payment Information

We offer three payment options based when you sign up! We encourage those that can’t afford the full price option to sign up early for the lowest price. We strive to maintain a balance between offering our programs to the widest range of participants and running a sustainable and thriving company so that we can continue to create and share our experiences with you. Please inquire about payment plans.  We can split up your payments however final payments are due at least 45 days prior to the start date of your retreat.



By reserving your space through placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to the stated policies in our Agreement.  Please note:

If cancellation takes place more than 60 days prior to your departure date any payments made will be refunded minus your deposit. If cancellation takes place between 30-60 days prior to your departure, 50% of the trip price will be forfeited. If cancellation takes place less than 30 days prior to your departure date, 100% of the trip price will be forfeited.


YOGASCAPES reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by our team, trip leaders, teachers or partners. In the rare case of a cancellation on the part of YOGASCAPES (due to political unrest, dangerous weather, or low sign-ups)  we will offer a transfer to another trip or a full refund of your funds. We require all participants to purchase travel insurance and highly encourage them to purchase “cancel for any reason” to protect them against the rare chance of cancellation.


All prices are per/person and include a non-refundable deposit of $250 for domestic trips and $500+ for international trips.  Final payments for deposits are due 60 days prior to departure.