PERU: Ritual of Wonder

September 14-20, 2019 // Wellness & Wonder in the Sacred Valley

WITH Marta Wanderlust

Food. Movement. Ritual. Culture. Nature.

Experience Ritual of Wonder in Peru

With all the hundreds of trips to Peru out there, we knew we needed to create something special, an experience you couldn’t find anywhere else. So we created a retreat in Peru that will dive into the senses to explore a place that is far more than just Machu Picchu and llamas. This is a place that in our opinion is the most interesting culinary country on earth, both in it’s history of seed preservation and adaptation, and in it’s explosion of world acclaimed chefs and restaurants in recent times.

So we’ll eat at the MIL Centro, one of best restaurants in the world and have other delicious food experiences. This is a country where ritual, that takes the form of sound, the stars, food, prayer, the land…bleeds from every corner of life and so here too, we’ll dive into some transformative rituals to learn about this and honor it. This is a country where just being on the land is enough to change your life, and instead of just sitting on a tour bus all day, we’ll hike, bath and dream into it. Peru’s rich history has not only inspired modern civilization, but has been way ahead of it for centuries and we’ll explore some of its beautiful cultural sites. And of course we’ll weave in the yoga and movement into our daily life here in Peru to not only deepen our practice and connection with our body and soul, but to tend to ourselves in a way in which we’ll get the most out of our time in Peru.



7 Days in the Sacred Valley

This yoga retreat & adventure in Peru will be full of magic and awe, lush clean air and nature, a sharpening of one’s trust and intuition, an awakening of one’s adventurous spirit, sacred land and unique heart-opening-mind-expanding experiences, a richness of culture and connection, an experience full of color and texture, a tonifying of both our physical and subtle body from all the land, yoga, hiking, nourishment, joy and community. The journey will be filled with sacred temples, mystical historical sites, inspiring stories, passion, nature, exceptional people, local food, market place art, and more. We will re-ignite our curiosity for life, commitment to self-love and to daily movement and ritual. We will learn and respect the ways of the locals, and step out of our own limited box, which can be so life changing!

The Sacred Valley is part of many people’s spiritual journey. It is a place that embraces you and challenges you. It is a place that calls you more and more into your purpose by being in touch with an ancient civilization that was so in touch with theirs and whose descendants still embrace their wisdom. We created this trip to give you the most authentic version of this sacred place as we possibly could, while offering a safe and beautiful movement and spiritual practice to support and enrich the journey.

Highlights & Inclusions

All Breakfasts & Dinners, some lunches not included
Visit to Machu Picchu

Lunch at MIL //arguably one of the best food experiences in the world
Visit to Maras / Salineras salt mines with Beautiful Picnic Lunch
Tour of Moray /  The agricultural laboratory of the Incas
Traditional Despacho Ceremony
Sound Healing & Cacao Ceremony
Visit to Ollantaytambo
All transportation during the retreat, including group airport drop off on the final day.


itinerary subject to change

Day 1 – Sept 14 – Arrival / Willka T’ika

3:00pm – 5:30pm – Arrival & settling into our beautiful home ▻  5:30pm – Opening Circle + Yoga Practice ▻  7:00pm – Family Style Dinner ▻  8:00pm – Intention setting + Meditation 

Day 2 – Sep 15 – Willka T’ika – Waterfall Hike /  Despacho Ceremony

8:00am – Morning Yoga ▻  9:30am – Breakfast  ▻  10:15am – Local Waterfall Hike  ▻  1:30pm – Family style lunch  ▻  2:30pm Despacho: offering ceremony with a Q’ero shaman  ▻  7:00pm – Dinner

Day 3 – Sep 16-  Willka T’ika / Moray and Maras / The MIL

7:00am Yoga  ▻  8:00 Breakfast  ▻  Visiting Moray Inca ruins and Maras salt mines  ▻  Lunch at the MIL ▻  6:00pm – Yin Yoga + Chakra Balancing: subtle energy healing  ▻  7:30pm – Dinner

Day 4 –Sep 17 –Willka T’ika / Optional Day

8:00am – Yoga  ▻  9:30am – Breakfast  ▻  1:00pm – Lunch  ▻  5:00pm – Yin Yoga + Chakra Balancing: subtle energy healing  ▻  6:30pm –Dinner

Day 5 – Sep 18 – Willka T’ika / Machu Picchu

6:00am – Depart for Machu Picchu ▻  Machu Picchu Day!  ▻  6:00pm – Visit Ollantaytambo  ▻  7:00pm –Dinner

Day 5 – Sep 19 – Willka T’ika / Sound Healing

8:00am – Yoga  ▻  9:30am – Breakfast  ▻  1:00pm – Lunch  ▻  7:00pm –Dinner  ▻  8:00 – Closing Circle + Evening Ritual + Sound Healing

Day 6 – Sep 20-Departure

8:00am – Breakfast + Departure

From the Road

Testimonials & Our Story

“This was my first retreat with Yogascapes and it far exceeded my expectations! The breathtaking location, the wine tasting, the delicious food, everything was just fabulous.”

For more testimonials, click here.


Marta Wanderlust

Marta is a gifted, passionate, and highly experienced teacher and student of Yoga and the teachings of Advaita Vedanta. She has first discovered Yoga when 14 years old, and right away felt the mysterious familiarity of the practice. She began her professional training with a Jivamukti Yoga immersion, under the guidance of Yogeswari – one of the most senior teachers of the method. Marta was certified as an Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow instructor in a traditional school in Goa, India. In India, she also had the privilege to meet her Spiritual teacher Rishi Sudhir of Tiruvannamalai, with decades of experience in Pranayama, meditation, and a depth of Vedic knowledge. Aside of the studies of Vedanta, she has also spent time at the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi, set at the foot of the sacred mountain Arunachala.

Marta’s love for the practice of being, Yin Yoga, comes as a result of her training with Joshua Summers, an experienced teacher and TCM practitioner. Her studies with Joshua initiated her into the system of meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine, helping to establish a deep understanding of the subtle body and its many pathways, and their interrelationship with the Yoga practice.

Marta has also undertaken numerous meditation retreats, including the Goenka Vipassana and the Mindfulness retreats organized by the London Buddhist Centre.

She has taught at diverse centers in Europe, Asia, and South America and spent a few years serving as a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training instructor at Sampoorna Yoga, in India.

Marta lives in Peru, sharing her practice with the guests of a variety of plant medicine healing centres, teaching occasional workshops and classes in the Sacred Valley, working with private students, and leading personal Yoga retreats internationally. She has a passion for culture and tradition, and often travels in her mission to experience, grow, and develop a platform to share with others, spreading the message of love and compassion.

Over the last years, Marta has been studying with the plant medicines and traditions of Central and South America. She has had the opportunity to learn under the guidance of shamans and medicine people from various communities and traditions, including Shipibo, Mexica, Mestizo, Quechua, Lakota, and Kogi. Her studies across diverse traditions devoted to understanding both our human physicality and the pathways to Spirit have led her to understand that all paths are complementary, and ultimately lead to the very same realization of Unity. She is deeply grateful to all of her teachers, past and present, human and non-human, for shining their light under her stumbling feet.


Willka T'ika

We’ll be staying at one of our favorite retreat centers in the world, Willka T’ika which is an exquisite eco-friendly sanctuary for rejuvenation, relaxation and for cultivating optimal well-being. Willka T’ika’s peaceful energy and mystical surroundings are sure to inspire, refresh and revitalize, offering a wonderful connection to Mother Nature, revered by the Quechua as Pachamama. Located in one of the most energetically charged places on earth, Willka T’ika prides itself on serving the spiritual and cultural needs of all guests seeking a genuine mind, body, spirit experience. Nearby ancient Inkan ruins, ceremonial sites, temples and an abundance of cultural activities beckon.

If you are attending on your own and select double or triple occupancy, separate beds, we will pair you up with an awesome roommate.

We highly recommend packing light. You will not have to carry more than your day-pack while we are hiking, however, having just one small to medium sized roller bag or duffel is highly recommended for the most ease and grace throughout the journey. And it’s very likely you’ll want to bring/buy an extra bag for shopping.


Travel Info

Arrivals: Please fly into Cusco. We will have an included shuttle at 2pm on Sept 14, so please plan to arrive into Cusco by then. Group pick up will be arranged from a central point near Plaza de Armas, in Centro Historico.

We highly suggest arriving a night or two early if possible or staying on to explore Machu Picchu  and Cusco and to acclimate or to stay on after the retreat. Transfers to the Willka Tika are included during the group timeframe, but will cost extra if you arrive outside of the scheduled time frame. Yoga and opening circle begins at 5:30pm and dinner will be at 7:30pm. Please share your flight details here so we can we aware of your arrival time and any delays.

Departures: Transfers back to the airport or central locations in Cusco  on the 20th are included. Please book your flight for 12pm or later. Transfers for flights earlier than 12pm will not be included but will be arranged.

If you’re arriving early, there are many hotels, we can recommend the following, just make sure they are easy access to our meeting point at the main plaza:

El Balcon, Hotel Illa, Fallen Angel, Rumi Wasi, Casa San Blas, Palacio Del Inka, The Tierra Viva Hotels (centro)


September 14-20th, 2019


STEP 1: Learn all about the trip; the theme, the teachers, the venue, the location, our policies, past photos, etc.
STEP 2: Choose a room below and reserve your spot as soon as you’re ready for early bird prices and best options.
STEP 4: You’ll get a confirmation + 3 emails leading up to your trip preparing you for an amazing adventure.
STEP 5: Drive, fly or boat to meet our team and group in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Write us at [email protected] if you have any questions about the trip, how to sign up or anything else that comes up along the way.

By reserving your space through placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to the stated policies in our Agreement. Please read all details below.


All Breakfasts & Dinners, some lunches not included
6 nights/7 Days accommodation at Eco-luxury Retreat
Day trip to Machu Picchu ( including all train, bus, entrance and guide fees)
Lunch at arguably the best food experiences in the world
Visit to Maras / The agricultural labratory of the Incas
Tour of Moray / Salineros salt mines with Beautiful Picnic Lunch
Traditional Despacho Ceremony
Sound Healing & Cacao Cermony
Visit to Ollantaytambo on way back from MP
All transportation during the retreat, including group airport drop off on the final day.

Brace yourself, you will be taken to a booking page where you get to choose your specific room.



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