Northern Lights in Iceland

FEB 9-15, 2020 // Yoga, Food, Nature, Hot Springs & More



What's Unique

2019 SOLD OUT – 2020 now on sale!

Yoga, Northern Lights, Hot Springs, Glaciers, Icelanders will tell you that winter is the most breathtaking time to visit their awe-inspiring country.  The beauty of Iceland is not only found in it’s raw otherworldly nature, but in the unique and creative culture that bleeds out of Reykjavik. – We will spend three nights in Reykjavik, starting at the Blue Lagoon, exploring the city and adventuring to the south for waterfalls and a glacier hike. Then we’ll head north to our favorite place to chase the northern lights and explore one of Iceland most remote areas!

The 2017, 2018 & 2019 retreats sold out with a big waiting list, so don’t wait! If you’re looking to go to Iceland a different time of year, please visit our other Iceland Retreats.

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7 Magical Days

Our Iceland Yoga Retreat in February is designed for people with all levels of yoga and adventure experience. Men, women, couples, best friends, old friends and soon to be new friends. Our goal is to connect as deeply as possible to nature and to the cultural core of this beautiful place. I mean how often do you get to go to Iceland with a group of people that are passionate about such similar things?!

There’s no where else in the world where the culture and the people are such clear reflections of the magnificent nature that surrounds them. As Iceland embraces you it teaches that we are not just trying to be one with nature, but that we are nature itself. The beauty of a yoga retreat is the attention given this concept of embodying our own nature and there’s no better teacher than the young but wise, Iceland.

On this journey we’ll pulse between diving deeply into the most magnificent and powerful parts of Iceland and the most magnificent and powerful parts of the human experience.  We’ll start by exploring Reykjavik, and journey south, then head north into the enchanting winter wonderland with the ultimate goal of seeing the Northern Lights and joining together as a small supportive community coming from around the world. While our heads will be tilted up to the magic of the sky our bodies will begin to ground in the earth with wonderful yoga classes.  We’ll take it a step further and sink into the healing and unique waters of the hot springs and awe inspiring glaciers.

From the Road

Testimonials & Our Story

“I just returned from my trip to Iceland with YOGASCAPES. It was an other wordly experience. Ben, Aarona and the people of iceland exceeded my expectations I am so impressed with this organization and hope to join in on another retreat soon.”

“This was my first retreat with Yogascapes and it far exceeded my expectations! The breathtaking location, the wine tasting, the delicious food, everything was just fabulous.”

For more testimonials, click here.


Jason Bowman

Jason Bowman is a writer and yoga teacher in San Francisco. His practice and teaching have been greatly influenced by Ashtanga Yoga as he’s learned it from Richard Freeman and Maty Ezraty and Vipassana Meditation as he’s learned it from SN Goenka.  He has completed several trainings and silent retreats as well as years of practice with all three teachers.  The impression they’ve left can be felt in his strong ability to teach the physical practice alongside the philosophical with insight and character.

Jason has excelled in teaching teachers and providing continuing education to various yoga communities. He has led several Yoga Alliance Certified teacher trainings as well as regular immersions, workshops, retreats and guest lecture series both at home and around the country. He is well known for his ability to be thorough while maintaining a light-hearted sense of humor.  His classes encourage a personal examination of the space between theory and direct experience and his love for the practice shines through in his ability to teach with a concrete yet creative voice.  Jason has a keen eye for detail and his classes are consistently fun and challenging while always in tune with the underlying internal inquiry that makes the practice so beautiful.


Reykjavik, Ravenhill

Welcome to Iceland! You’ll be flying into Keflavik Airport which is about 45 minutes south of Reykjavik. Most flights arrive in the morning and so we will begin our journey with you then. Don’t worry, everyone will have pretty much taken the same overnight flight and need a day to catch up on sleep!

We will be taking a domestic flight on the 12th up north, and returning on the 15th with plenty of time to catch the evening flight from Keflavik. We do suggest staying an extra night if you would rather take one of the morning flights depending on your destination.

There will be a shuttle departing Keflavik Airport around 7 am on the 9th and we will determine exact departure as the trip gets closer and we get everyone’s travel info. Our bus will also be providing transportation back to Keflavik Airport on February 15th and we require that you book flights after 4pm on the 15th so we can bring everyone together. 

Airport: KEF – Keflavik
Group Arrival Time on February 9th  –  before 7am preferably, but if you have to arrive after you’ll simply need to have your own transfer or miss the Blue Lagoon and meet in Reykjavik.
Departure Time: After 4pm on February 15th – IMPORTANT
Transfer Cost Outside of designated times: A LOT

Accommodation will vary, but please see below for some ideas.


February 9-15, 2020


STEP 1: Learn all about the trip; the theme, the teachers, the venue, the location, our policies, past photos, etc.
STEP 2: Choose a room below and reserve your spot as soon as you’re ready for early bird prices and best options.
STEP 4: You’ll get a confirmation + 3 emails leading up to your trip preparing you for an amazing adventure.
STEP 5: Drive, fly or boat to meet our team and group in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Write us at [email protected] or call us at 510-629-9191 if you have any questions about the trip, how to sign up or anything else that comes up along the way.
By reserving your space through placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to the stated policies in our Agreement. Please read all details below.


6 Nights/ 7 Days Accommodation
Healing Hot Spring Visits Including the Blue Lagoon
Visit to Myvatn Hot Springs up North
Delicious Icelandic Cuisine
Daily Yoga Classes
Glacier Hike in the South
Optional Visit to Kaldi Beer Spa

Optional spa treatments, whale watching, snorkeling and cave tours and more.

*Does not include some lunches and dinners.

Brace yourself, you will be taken to a booking page where you get to choose your specific room.


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