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Yogi’s Essential Summer Festival Guide

May 8, 2016

While we’re not on retreat, we love to stay connect to our yogi family through local events, intimate gatherings and summertime festivals. We’ve collected our top 6 festivals in the US for you to add to your bucket list this summer and will see you there!

At any of these epic events, we suggest to listen to your body and follow your heart. Notice when you’re leading yourself by habit instead of awareness of what you really want and are craving. Make you feel like going outside of our your norm, kickin’ off your shoes and dancing your heart out; or maybe you feel like sitting in the shade during a workshop to learn about yourself and a new practice. Our suggestion: be open, be present and as always, travel deeply and practice sweetly. One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself at these events is to release your FOMO; be where you are fully and trust your intuition to pull you to where you should be among so many amazing options.


Music & Learning: Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle is considered by some to have one of the strongest music line ups this summer. With Chet Faker, Four Tet, Alina Baraz and the Lucid Dossier Experience as some examples, you can tell why tickets sell like hot cakes – so sign up asap! Don’t miss the Learning Village for inspiring workshops and the Temple of Consciousness for talks by visionaries, activists and healers alike.

lightning in a bottle yoga


Community: Aspen Wanderlust

If you’re in the US, you’re likely near a Wanderlust event this year! They are “all-out celebrations of mindful living” where yogis flock to dance, get inspired on the mat, meet other yogis and adventure. With such a full schedule and so many opportunities, yogis of all levels can find classes and talks at any time of day to suite their desires. Make sure to get on your mat with Chelsey Korus, instructor for our Epic Iceland Yoga Retreat. Take a minute at the beginning of the event to mark a few events you’re really pulled to, and then…be open to where you end up!



Nature & Practice: Telluride

Telluride is known for the intimacy it provides with instructors, community and epic Colorado nature. Located in Colorado, it is a 4-day event with yoga, meditation, hiking, presentations and more to help you deepen your practice and soak up the fresh air while doing so.



Inspiration & Connection: Beloved Festival

Beloved is a sweet, inspiring 4-day camping festival in Oregon. If you are looking for a healthy dose of fresh air, amazing beats, barefoot dancing and seriously good vibes, get a glimpse here. Beloved is a platform to connect with the natural landscape and each other with clear, purposeful and compassionate intentions.

Beloved_Festival_2015_Dijon_Bowden - 04


Song & Yoga: Bhakti Fest

Exactly what it’s name suggested, Bhakti Fest is all about to practicing devotion: devotion to yoga asana, to song, to joy, to community, to nature… It is an amazing opportunity to be under the open desert sky in Joshua Tree with incredible musicians and teachers who come together for a true celebration of life. When you’re there, practice with Gina Caputo, instructor for our Umbria Yoga Retreat! We love Bhakti Fest every time and know you will too. Find out more here.


Music & Art: Symbiosis

Craving artistic immersion in sound, movement, inspiration, art? Add Symbiosis to your festival list and  A definitely fan favorite, Symbiosis is thought of by some as a mini burning man, with inspiring art, workshops, cooking classes, spontaneous performances and of course abundant music. You’ll swim in the reservoir, dance on a floating art car, drink tea in a bedouin tent, attend workshops and watch the sunrise with other happy, dancing festival-goers. Don’t forget to try the Tom Ka at Get Fried Rice, stay cool, and seek music and performance that is outside of your norm. Find all the deets here.


phot: j rosenberg

Leah Dockstader is a Lead Experience Designer at YOGASCAPES and Wildsoul, and she loves to host gatherings that bring people together. She is constantly exploring the world to experience the connections that form when we gather around food and wellness. Leah is a student of Ayurveda and maker of herbal remedies. She has a background in environmental justice and have been captivated by the vibrance of the Bay Area.