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Spotlight on Uno Astrolodge Accommodations

October 27, 2015

Uno offers a number of accommodation options depending on your budget and needs including tents, dorms, private rooms for 2 and private rooms for 1. All the palapas were designed with sea view and provided with outdoor private bathrooms in order to keep guests fully immersed in beauty and to amplify their presence in this outstanding experience. 


Tent/YurtSingle bed, towels, candles, shared restroom and shared shower.

uno astrolodge tentuno astrolodge tent

Dorm “Electra”: Shared room with 5 beds, Private restroom with palm tree shower, Front sea view from all beds. 5 guests total. Named after the 2nd brightest star from the Pleyades cluster, 400 light years away said to be where Time-Space travelers gather to plan adventures together.

uno astrolodge dorm2

Premium Shared / Private “Supernova”: King size bed first floor and queen size bed in a mezzanine loft, private restroom with palm tree shower, sea view from all beds. 2 guests total. Called Supernova after the most powerful light manifestation known in the Universe.

uno astrolodge dorm3uno astrolodge dorm

Shared King Room “Gaia”: Private room w/ king size bed, private restroom, sea view from bed, balcony with two hammocks. 2 guests total. Named after the Goddess of Earth, and spirit of Pacha mama, is seen by the ancient cultures as the mother who nurtures all living beings on this planet.


Shared King Room “Maia”: Private Room w/ king size bed, private restroom, front sea view from bed, balcony with hammock. 2 guests total. Named after the 3rd brightest star from the Pleyades cluster, Maia was the Roman Goddess of the Spring to Uno, it represents harmonizing through synchronicity.

uno astrolodge shared/privateuno astrolodge shared/private

Shared King Room “Sitar”: King size bed, private restroom, sea view from the bed, one hammock. 2 guests total. Sitar comes from the imaginary star system seen in many native civilizations.

uno astrolodge king uno astrolodge king

Private King Room: Private Room for 1 in king bed (Maia, Gaia or Sitar)

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