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October 28, 2015

monestevole food

Time at Monestevole is rich, connected with Earth and community… and we love it. “We cook together around the fire, eat together, and drink red wine together. Food is grown locally, deep in Umbrian traditions, rich in culinary knowledge.” A small working farm, Monestevole is impressively self-sufficient and takes you into life at the heart of Italy. It’s a place where you will likely get to spend time with a real Italian grandma, learn how to make bread, visit a local castle, swim and ride horses. To keep it short, we’ll just tell you that we are very excited to be retreating at Monestevole and bringing you an amazing piece of the authentic, delicious experience of Umbria.



Monestevole was originally built in the 15th century as a watch tower for a nearby castle, and has been renovated into a wonderful welcoming farm getaway. The beautiful stone buildings hold a maze of both private and shared rooms, each boasting their own character with natural wood beams and original exposed walls. The spaces are warm and center around several communal spaces perfect for gathering over meals or down time. The mission is not to be a luxury, service-oriented hotel — without sacrificing any comfort, they create an authentic experience that invites you to you feel at home quickly. With 100 acres of farmland surrounding the accommodations, you can go on local hikes and see the farm animals and local plants such as wild roses, sunflowers, oaks, porcini mushrooms, and wild berries.

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From hillside walks to the serene pool overlooking the valley, there are plenty of ways to relax and restore. Connecting with nature and home made artisan food is central to the healing experience at Monestevole. Here, one finds fuel for the soul through place and people.

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Yoga is practiced in an light-filled space with high ceilings and the tallest windows. The space used to be a recording studio and has supreme acoustics and beautiful views of the rolling hills.

monestevole yoga


Food at Monestevole is full of love. Ingredients often come from the farm itself, or from local sustainable sources in the area. Bread is usually made on the farm from the grains there and lavender is picked to go directly into the hand-made soaps. We walked in on a family meal of delicious pesto gnocchi and an amazing creamy curry gnocchi like we’ve never had before, local cheeses, a fresh farm salad and the strongest Italian espresso.As you can tell, the entire way of life at Monestevole is poetic and focused the abundance in self-sustainable living. All dietary preferences are welcomed by the kitchen with open arms.

Making Pastamonestevole food


Umbria is the greenest region of Italy and covered in forests. In fact, the laws are such that the amount of forests in Umbria have actually increased over time. Local mountain walks, hot springs, swimming, bike riding and  visits to farmer’s markets, farms and bee-keepers are all at your fingertips here.  Monestevole is hopping distance from incredible destinations worth visiting, including Perugia, Assisi, Arezzo and Sienna. It is located just 45 minutes from Perugia Airport and 2.5 hrs from Rome airport.

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The opportunities for play at Monestevole are endless. Guests can learn to make homemade pasta or bread, feed the animals, make soap, horseback riding and of course do yoga. We’re in farm heaven here and are excited to introduce you to unforgettable activities that you can keep with you.

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Monestevole offers unparalleled time on a farm, where foodies and nature-lovers will fall in love with Italy. With the combination of comfort and abundant activities, this is a perfect way to dive into the real Umbria.



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