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Yoga Residency
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What is the Yoga Residency?

We have a little secret – you don’t have to enroll in a teacher training in order to go deeper in your practice and find more alignment in your life. There’s another, option, and it’s absolutely beautiful. We created it for you.

Immerse yourself in an inspiring place – Embrace creativity & Engage Intuition – Discover your purpose & passion – Deepen your practice & your life – Find your people – Feel good in your body

4 weeks of daily practices, trainings & workshops with transformative teachers, aimed at fine tuning your heart, body, mind and soul & inviting in a life of your dreams. You no longer have to choose between a weeklong retreat or an all day intensive teacher training to take your practice or your life to the next level.  Our residency is designed to give you the time, space and support need for you to live your deepest purpose with a ferocious passion.


Imagine This:

7:30-9:00am: Morning Yoga Practice (Yoga, Meditation, Chanting,)
9:00-9:45am: Family Breakfast
9:45-12:00pm: Morning Training & Practice (anatomy, philosophy, movement, teaching )

Afternoon Free
for exploring, creative work, homework, etc.

Evening Workshop
4-6:30: Workshops (twice/week) –

Ayurveda, Massage, Astrology, Self massage, Mantras & Mudras, & more.


Who is the yoga residency for?

This immersion is designed for anyone looking to deepen their connection with their self, their soul, their purpose. For anyone wanting to learn more about ancient and modern healing practices that they can bring into their lives and/or back to their students.

Is this you?

–       Anyone going through a deep transition or shift in their life and wanting support to do it in the most graceful, empowering and purposeful way.
–       Yoga teachers and healers that want add more depth to their teaching and offerings
–       Yoga/movement students wanting to take their practice and life to the next level and learn more about different modalities
–       Artists & creatives looking for the space and support to tap into their creative source and express their gifts more deeply.
–       Entrepreneurs wanting to bring their gifts into the world with integrity
–       Anyone who has lost touch with their daily practice and wants to restart a healthy lifestyle
–       Anyone who is craving learning and growing in a rich community

Why residency instead of teacher training? 

We noticed that most of the people going on a traditional yoga teacher training don’t actually want to or need to be teachers, but rather are looking for a way to shift their lives into being more connected to their body and their soul and to be able to express that into the world. However until our residency, there wasn’t an alternative, a program where you could study deeply and at the same time honor fully the unique moment on your path that you find yourself and we believe this will make you even a better teacher if that is the path that calls you.

We originally designed this residency because the traditional 200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings are focused more on completing hours than on completing the soul. While traditional TT’s, accreditation dictates what is taught, in our program, growth and healing dictates what we teach. While in a normal teacher training the health and well-being of the body is often left behind, in our residency, how you feel in your body couldn’t be more important. While traditional teacher trainings hope that you transform as a byproduct of the course, our entire program is designed around this transformation.

So, while we designed this as an alternative to a 200 hour teacher training, we found that it is actually suited for anyone, artists, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, that is being called to live more from that heart.   Anyone that is longing to feel more connected to their purpose and craves to do so in beautiful community.

The Flow

How it works / The Flow

–       5-days a week / 3-4 hours of mornings meditations, yoga, movement, teaching at the local yoga studio.
–       Breakfasts will be provided and shared in community.
–       Afternoons are for personal time to integrate teachings, work on your projects, journal, dream, explore, experience and do what you LOVE.
–       We encourage, in addition to the morning practice, each participants spends 1 hour a day doing what they love the most or learning something new.
–       Lunch and dinners will be on your own except for our weekly communal dinner
–       You will all live together in nice apartments with kitchens.
–       There will be two excursions to explore Mexico & her rich traditions
–       You will go on one overnight to explore more deeply
–       You will have support setting up any classes you will need
–       You will have a menu of 1on1 sessions you can take with our healers/therapists

Tuition & Application

Why is there an application?

Though there aren’t any physical requirements or technical limitations, with the extreme amount of interest in this residency, we aim to make sure that every single person in the program is dedicated, passionate and will support our group dynamics.

Tuition – $3000


Classes 5 days / Week (4 hours/day)
4 Workshops / 1 Week / 2.5-3h each
2 Local Day Excursions
1 Overnight Retreat w/ Ceremony
Program Manual
4 Group Dinners
Breakfasts Mon-Friday


We Can Provide Accommodation for you if you’re traveling in the beautiful Local Way Apartments:

Triple/Quadruple Room – $1200

Double Room (2 people) – $1400

Single Room (1 person) – $2000


Not Included:
Travel to, from, within residency
1on1 Sessions with healers/teachers
Lunches & dinners outside included meals
Breakfasts on weekends