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Yoga Residency - Live your purpose with passion - 4 weeks - 100hrs CEU
Mexico City February 2018

What is it?

Immerse yourself in an inspiring place – Embrace creativity & Engage Intuition – Discover your purpose & passion – Deepen your practice & your life – Find your people – Feel good in your body

4 weeks of daily practices, trainings & workshops with transformative teachers, aimed at fine tuning your heart, body, mind and soul & inviting in a life of your dreams. You no longer have to choose between a weeklong retreat or an all day intensive teacher training to take your practice or your life to the next level.  Our residency is designed to give you the time, space and support need for you to live your deepest purpose with a ferocious passion.


Sample Daily Schedule – 6 Days/week

Morning Practice
7:30-9:00am: Morning Yoga Practice (Yoga, Meditation, Chanting,)
9-9:30am: Family Breakfast
9:30-11:00am: Class 1 (anatomy, philosophy, movement, teaching )

Afternoon Free
for exploring, creative work, homework, etc.

Evening Workshop
4-6:30: Workshops (twice/week) – Ayurveda, Massage, Astrology, Self massage, Mantras & Mudras, & more.


We provide the structure, the teaching, the support and at the same time let you integrate and explore .  Most retreats are too short to go through the transformation and then integrate and most trainings are too busy to go through transformation and process.  With this residency we have the perfect balance of transformation and integration which will inform how you live more deeply for the rest of your life.


Who is it for?

Anyone interested taking their practice deeper and living their life more fully.
We attract Yoga Teachers, Bodyworkers, Artists, Entrepreneurs who are looking to live a life more aligned with a supportive community and we attract anyone who is seeking transformation, adventure and healing in their life.  We also attract those that are going through big life transitions and are looking to connect to themselves and a community that can help them grow and tap into their most honest version of themselves.

Why residency instead of teacher training? 

Teacher trainings are amazing, if you know you want to be a yoga teacher.

Seems like we can only choose between teacher trainings or retreats. but what else is there?

This residency you’re not just learning from the teachers, but from everyone around you.

There is so much studying on these trainings that you don’t take into account what is best for you and your body. Spend a month learning and doing what feels good for your body and not just what the training tells you.

We believe in not just being certified, but rather being a good teacher which means more time spent diving deep into who you are, not just what to do.

because we aren’t following the same procedures, we have more freedom to tailor our program around YOU.

More time for reflection, rest,

Our residencies are about integration not isolation

Spend time with an incredible community