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Holiday Wellness Essentials & Yoga Gifts

December 5, 2017


Sharing wellbeing & inspiration is an invaluable gift. Here at YOGASCAPES, we love connecting you to healthy and exciting experiences and products, made with care. Below are our top 11 travel and yoga gifts for you and yours – from herbal teas to handwoven blankets and travel yoga mats, there’s so much to love.

1. Pukka Herbs Tea

Calling all tea lovers! Treat your friends and family to the delicious blends of Pukka Herbs Tea.

Pukka means “authenticity” and this company is dedicated to their definition, extending beyond high quality, thoughtfully produced tea. Pukka manages to harness the functionality of organic, medicinal grade herbs while honoring their commitment to be 100% carbon neutral, using completely renewable electricity, and being “Fair for Life Certified”.

Try Lemon Ginger Honey Blend to support immunity any time of day and while it may be tough to pick your favorite blend – but luckily you don’t have to. Check out 8 Functional Pukka Teas to add to your daily ritual.

2. Banyan Botanicals Restful Sleep Massage Oil

banyan botanicals

As if a pre-bedtime massage isn’t dreamy enough on it’s own, imagine if your massage oil was infused with relaxing herbs such as chamomile, valerian, passionflower, jasmine and more… we’re in love with Banyan Botanical’s Restful Sleep Massage Oil. 

Banyan Botanicals recommends treating yourself to a head to toe self-massage or partner massage before bed to “ground the light and mobile nature of vata and balance the sharp and active nature of pitta, promoting the heavier qualities needed for sleep.” With this nourishing sleep-easy oil, you can give the gift of sweet dreams and self-care, an invaluable offering of love.

Another can’t miss item at Banyan Botanicals is the “I Travel Well Immunity Extract” designed to support wellbeing as you follow your yoga retreat dreams around the world.

3. The Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat

manduka eko superlite

For all the yoga and travel lovers out there, we’ve found a perfect yoga mat for you. Offering superior grip plus amazing lightweight qualities, Manduka’s eKO SuperLite mat has it all. With a thickness of just 1.5 mm, it can be so easily folded or rolled – which we absolutely love. At the same time, it’s grip provides a mat quality that actually inspires you to practice so the travel functionality does not compromise quality. To top it all off, these eco-friendly yoga made are made of biodegradable rubber that maintains quality through your many wonderful practices on it.

4. Elemental Alchemy’s Rejuvenation Set & Guide

elemental alchemy

A beautiful treat for any time of year, Elemental Alchemy’s Rejuvenation Set & Guide restores the body’s vitality “to help heal, replenish and rejuvenate mind and body.” It includes a delicious Spiced Golden Milk blend, Masala Chai Spiced Honey and Herb-Infused Ghee. This set comes with a Guide of recipes, rituals & tips, and is a perfect gift for those in your life that are inspired by food, herbs and wellness.

5. Yoga Retreat or Gift Certificate

Show your love by gifting friends or family a YOGASCAPES retreat or YOGASCAPES Gift Certificate. Surprise them with a gift they’ll never forget – either pick a retreat for them or let them select from an incredible selections of retreats. From natural hot springs to vibrant jungles, we’ve searched the far corners of the globe to find awe-inspiring destinations that support well-being and adventure.

6. Katie Silcox’s Ayurveda Coach Certificationkatie silcox ayurveda

Train to become a certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach with New York Times celebrated Ayurveda author and yoga expert, Katie Silcox. Katie’s online Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Certification Program features some of the best teachers in the world and teaches you what you need to know about this healing art while setting you up for success as a coach. In this program you will learn the basic principles of Ayurveda and how to incorporate these potent practices in your day-to-day life. More than that, Katie will provide you with communication tools and business practices to be able to properly transmit these learnings to your friends, family and community back home. This 

7. Yoga Wake Up App

The Yoga Wake Up app

Refresh the way you and yours wake up with the sounds of yoga and meditation through The Yoga Wake up app. Select a variety of morning routines from slow, delicious morning stretches to energizing activations to get you out of bed feeling revitalized. Using the Yoga Wake up app long term invite more restorative sleep patterns and inspired mornings. This is a great, affordable way to share the gift of yoga.

8. Handwoven PRITI Blanket

Priti Collection

Cozy up with a divine blanket by the PRITI Collection. PRITI is not only the sanskrit word for delight but also a fabulous collection of “tools for an enlightened life”. This company creates props and accessories that are natural, functional and multi-dimensional with the simple purpose to enrich life through yoga or meditation practices. PRITI not only creates high quality and handcrafted products, they protect our environment and give back throughout their production process, all while supporting communities. Explore their handmade woven blankets.

9. Coyuchi Unisex Cloud Loom Organic Robe


Because we’re obsessed with coziness and know we aren’t the only ones, we’re happy to feature this plush robe, the Cloud Bloom Organic Robe by Coyuchi. Designed for all genders, this divine robe is a perfect way for anyone to keep the relaxing in-bed vibe going any time of day. This robe is 100% organic woven cotton.

10. Donate to Willka T’ka Childrens Fund

willka tka childrens fund

On our Yoga Retreat in Peru, we stay at the idyllic Willka T’ka which is the birthplace of the Willka T’ika Children’s Fund (WTCF). The WTCF has supported the education of thousands of children from a dozen remote, high mountain communities helping pave a path towards opportunity and expansion for the entire Sacred Valley. Consider giving a timeless gift of munay, love, to these children. “There is no doubt that the same will return to you.” – Carol, Founder.

11. Plenty More: Vibrant Vegetable Cookbook from Ottolenghi

A yummy gift for the foodies in your life, Plenty More, shared more than 150 veggie-based recipes including inspired salads, luscious desserts and more. Offering eye-candy as well, this cook book is a visual art piece full of beautiful photos and snapshots that bring the recipes to life.

Happy gift giving! For more retreat gift ideas, explore here.