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Feeling stuffed? Post-feast Yoga for Digestion

November 26, 2014

my yoga works free class
Instead of diving into a deep fog post-Thanksgiving feast, try bringing a little movement into the mix this year. As you linger around the living room, this free 45 min Flow for Digestion with Melanie Lora Meltzer via YOGANONYMOUS is a perfect chance to do this.Focus on the standing poses, twists and backbends that are good for digestion. Remember – a happy belly makes a happy yogi! Get your flow-and-glow on with this week’s free online class, compliments of our friends from MyYogaWorks, that is suitable for both beginners and experts alike. Ready to sign up for MyYogaWorks now? No need to wait. Use the exclusive promo code backtoyoga to extend your 2-week trial to 6 weeks for free.

 yoganonymous free class

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