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A Year of Yoga Retreats Around the World

January 6, 2016

It’s been an unforgettable year of yoga retreats and adventures around the world. It’s not an easy thing to do, but each year we get better at and fall even more in love with creating and running life changing yoga retreats. We’ve faced all of the challenges that a small business faces and continue to come out with a deeper understanding of what we can offer to the world, how to do it best and how to be in alignment with our values every step of the way.

This year we added an epic yoga retreat to the highlands of Scotland and a new cultural exploration and retreat to Marrakech. We explored the Amalfi coast with a yoga and rock climbing trip and we dove head first into the mountains and magic of Peru. We basked in the desert sun in Moab and launched a new partnership with an exotic yoga retreat to Nicaragua. We soaked in hot springs in the redwoods of California and swam in the crystal clear waters of Tulum. We worked with the most amazing yoga teachers in the industry and have a team we thought could only dream of. Most of all we have a community that grows stronger with every life changing experience that we help create.

We’ve been featured in Afar Magazine, Shape Magazine, Refinery 29, Chalkboard Magazine, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, WellandGood, SF Chronicle, Free People’s Magalogue and many other publications. We’ve introduced a welcome box to show you how much we care and we’ll continue to refine this unique offering with even more goodies.

We’ve created dynamic partnerships with FP Escapes, Hyde Yoga Clothing, Buddhibox, Dream Inspired Design, Afar Magazine, Refinery 29.

We are now in the a so called summer of our existence as a company. We’ve had a marvelous birth and growth spurt and now it’s time to watch the seeds we’ve been planting over the past few years grow in the form of a beautiful, full, vibrant 2016 offering. We can’t wait for you to journey with us and we thank every single person that traveled with us or help us along the way for your support.

Tulum Yoga Retreat in January
(next yoga retreat in Tulum in January & March, 2016)

tulum yoga retreatsyoga retreats in tulum

Annual Winter Yoga Retreat at Sierra Hot Springs in February
(next yoga retreat at Sierra Hot Springs is February, 2016) Displaying 4F5A3061.jpg

California Yoga Retreats California yoga retreatsDisplaying 4F5A3061.jpgDisplaying 4F5A3061.jpg

Campo Vida Yoga and Wine Yoga Retreat in California in March
(next yoga retreat in California in February, 2016 & April 2016)

california yoga retreats yoga retreats in california

Bhakti in Bloom Retreat in April
(next Bhakti in Bloom retreat in April, 2016)

sierra hot springs

Bali Yoga Retreat in April
(next yoga retreat in Bali in April, 2016)

bali yoga retreat

yoga retreats in baliyoga retreats bali

Spring Awakening Women’s Retreat in California in April
(next women’s yoga retreat in California in August, 2016)

women's yoga retreat

awaken the feminine

Moab Yoga Retreat in May
(next yoga retreat in Moab in May, 2016)

red rock yoga retreat

Amalfi Coast Yoga Retreat in May
(next yoga retreats in Italy in October, 2016 & May 2017)

yoga retreats in italy

italy yoga retreat

Morocco Yoga Retreat in June
(next yoga retreat in Morocco in October, 2016)


Nicaragua Yoga Retreat in June with Free People
(next yoga retreats in Nicaragua in June, 2016 & August 2016)

yoga retreats in nicaragua

yoga retreats in nicaragua

yoga retreats in nicaragua

Scotland Yoga Retreat in August
(next yoga retreat in Scotland in August, 2015)

yoga retreats in scotland yoga retreats in scotland yoga retreats in scotland

Redwoods Yoga Retreat in October
(next yoga retreat in California with Kimber in July, 2016)yoga retreats in californiayoga retreats in california

Italy Yoga Retreat and Research Trip in October
(next yoga retreat in Italy in October, 2016)

yoga retreats in italy yoga retreats in italyyoga retreats in italy

Marrakech Yoga Retreat in Morocco
(next yoga retreat in Morocco in October, 2016)

yoga retreats in morocco yoga retreats in morocco yoga retreats in morocco

Peru Yoga Retreat
(next yoga retreat in Peru in July, 2016)

yoga retreats in peru yoga retreats in peru yoga retreats in peruPeru Yoga retreatsperu yoga retreats

Ben Crosky

Ben is the co-founder of YOGASCAPES and has been guiding yoga retreats around the world for six wonderful years!