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February 26, 2015

YOGASCAPES represents a lifestyle of all the best of yoga, wellness, and travel combined. One part travel, one part adventure, YOGASCAPES spice up the age-old “yoga retreat” by combining today’s most vibrant and energetic yoga and wellness teachers with in-tune adventure guides, local culture, some tasty food, and a crew of similar minded fun-loving people from across the globe.

If you LOVE travel, yoga, and wellness, and have a lot you want to share, we want to hear from you! Explore the YOGASCAPES Journal to get a sense of what we’re all about. From yoga theory to travel tips, we share the real deal, with provocative questions and insights that expand our relationships to yoga and adventure. Submit your juicy posts to anytime with high res images and a bio and we’ll review them for publishing.

Thank you and happy writing!

Here’s some YOGASCAPES inspiration, but just join us in personal and you’ll see what we love what we do.

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