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Women of the Moon Sacred Heart Yoga Retreat

May 7, 2018

liya kundalini

This  is a powerful  time for women on the planet. Women are speaking up, joining arms, and changing the agenda. We are the women of this time and we have a mission together to rise up and shift many energies on this planet.

In  the beginning  of my spiritual path, I was surrounded by very powerful women. These women showed me the way to empowerment, healing, and connection. I learned we are the one who can bring life force into this world through our sacred womb. We have been chosen to birth a shift in our awareness and elevate our DNA so the next generations are elevated.

Being  a women  means  cultivating courage and grace to be your true self. The Women of the Moon: Sacred Heart Kundalini Yoga Retreat from August 10-12 in Sonoma will focus on rebirthing your sacred heart. As sisters we will rise up and practice how to connect to and speak from our heart.

sonoma yoga retreat

You will awaken the supportive shakti energy to open yourself up to unconditional love and expansion through Kundalini practices. Kundalini yoga is a profound tool to amplify your vibrations and cultivate courage to be your true self. Yogi Bhajan gave very powerful teachings like lectures, meditations, and mantras to empower women to be leaders, mamas and business women with conscious creative power. Practicing kriyas such as Balancing Your Moon Centers and chanting mantras such as the Adi Shakti mantra help you to balance your body and step into your center of creation.

Women  gatherings  help you balance your hormones, connect, and feel true happiness. It is the key to unlocking powerful momentum of security, growth, and expansion. Scientifically it has been proven that when women gather together their stress levels balance. Connection between women is so important in fact, says Dr. Klein, that when women engage befriending women, more oxytocin is released, which further counters stress and produces a calming effect. We can choose to lift each other, listen to our intuition, and allow ourselves to clear and break the fear cycles.

Women of the Moon provides a safe space, which gives you an authentic community with strong immunity. Invite your sisters and join me for a powerful time together.

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