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Stoking the Fires of Your Wild Nature

November 27, 2018

Jess Trudeau Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

This piece was inspired by the wild places we travel to, both inside and out. It’s an offered conversation proposed for your soul on honoring the wild within you both independently and collectively. Join me on the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat to explore the wild deeply.

How are you stoking the fires of your wild nature?


Somewhere in the subconscious layer of riptides and sandstorms lies an innate craving to be wild. Even in the still quarters of gentle currents and resting grains of sand sits a dormant stirring, a craving to be set free. A wolf unleashes it’s echo to the cragly mountains in order to dilate it’s vital life force. A mustang unfurls it’s moxie in a quiet breadth of field just because it can; afterward reflecting in quiet unconscious awe of the unraveled majesty that took hold of the beast.

Inside and intertwined in the layers of our being, whether environmental or mammal, all things contain a touch of the wild.

As human BE-ings, walking in this world takes the courage behind a sandstorm. Pushing and nudging us along. More often than not we are a wolf pup gently and timidly attempting to cry out, climbing and stumbling to the highest edge within our comfort zones. We are learning.

The raw, course beauty lying dormant inside our cavern is our voice. It’s wildness at times an unrefined recipe, not quite ripe and tenderly emerging. It peeks out in trepidation when the weather is dark, unsure of it’s potential. And yet on other occasions carries within itself a palatal roar, causing even lions to hide in shame.

The artistic medium through which we cultivate and sculpt this vocal expression? Stepping into the flow of grace. Grace defined as a deep inward knowing, seeing, and acceptance of ourselves and the brave ability to live with ease. When we invite our moving temples of masterpieces onto our yoga mats we offer up to our sacred selves a channel through which to enter that flow. Like stepping into a stream, we shape shift into fluid grace and ecstatic ease of self. With eyes close at the tip of our mat and hands embraced over heart, an invocation is set as if we are that young pup on the ledge of a treacherous cliff.

Do you have the courage to call out; to move like yourself? Can you excavate deep within you the courage to be completely and unapologetically YOU?

Jess Trudeau Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

The pranic energy that courses through our bodies gives life to our breath. Behind that breath- our cherished voice. When we attempt and commit to moving on our mats with authenticity and with grace inside us, listening like a patient companion, that inner voice cultivates and gives rise. Once we repeat a steady recurring practice of svadhyaya, we begin laying a daily intricate patchwork of self discovery, self honoring, and ego softening. Eventually through the spinal cord of our practice of yogic movement, our deep, wild, honored voices are found.

This doesn’t mean that we can rely on a constant steady stream of vocal marriage. The trickery of the voice is that it tends, like nature, to ebb and flow. But some say that the gentle slip is at times rewarding in that in practicing the art we receive the recurring JOY of remembering again and again.

Jess Trudeau Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

And so with a combination of wild thrill and diligence we lay down our recumbent tendencies and commit to a process of habitual remembering. Each day we molt and shed our pent up stories and limitations and enter more certainly into our embodied voice.

This isn’t a solitary path. As humans we are meant to collectively commune and support one another on this journey of remembering. In Sanskrit a bodhisattva is one who commits their life for the sake of elevating the lives of others. No where else can dropping into your own flow and symmetry lift others up than a communal yoga practice. Breathing, sweating, beating hearts as one. This joined practice is profoundly unique in that it is both deeply personal and inward, and yet our presence alone elevates
and inspires those around us.

Eventually the process of forgetting our own name draws shorter and shorter intervals, until we can wake up daily with the taste of it in our mouths and it’s sweetness on our breath. Like a bountiful and mutually accepted marriage, we become forever committed to honoring it’s path as well as it’s unique evolution. The wild, the free, the uninhibited force behind sandstorms and riptides now flows through us too, and we remember our fierce, steady power. Our commitment to an unencumbered life. Forever inclined to step further toward ferocious and untouched grace.

costa rica yoga retreat

Author: Jess Trudeau, E-RYT 500 (RYT 900 hours of advanced certifications),Yogi. Craftsdiva. Photographer. Surfer. Avid lover of life. Yoga Teacher on the YOGASCAPES Costa Rica Yoga Retreat
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