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Is Trust Worth the Risk?

November 26, 2014

Why is Trust Worth it? What do we mean by “building trust”? Is this a process we always have to go through or does a certain “relationship with the unknown” allow us to step into a more supportive attitude towards opportunities we’re uncertain of?

At YOGASCAPES, we understand that being a student and being open to growth has an inherent vulnerability. To be open to learning and experiencing deeply can be scary. We also know the empowering expansion and transformation that, when supported well, can be inspired by this trust. We see this process blossom on every single yoga retreat we host. This video tells the story about how our first reaction to the unknown is often resistance and tension. It is easy to  constantly analyze outcomes and measure risk, but this can leave us actually less present to the experience of moment in front of us. We’ve built discomfort with the unknown so deeply into our expectations and become so tied to the security of controlled outcomes that we do not recognize the true power of ourselves to be adaptable. By not acknowledging the beautiful spontaneity of the world as a force that can truly support us, we are not doing ourselves any favors. But we can break this habit. We can step into the sweet surrender that leads to growth, expansion, and new beginnings.

We all know the times where we’ve taken risks and it’s be so worth it. Take a minute to think about the relationships, projects, and lifestyle choices that you’ve been holding back on to could allow to grow, to blossom… and trust them.

Buzzfeed and Cirquedusoliel have teamed up to create this gorgeous video which explores thoughts on trust and features some ridiculously cool moves. We’ll let the video speak for itself now.

Video link here.



In Collaboration with Cirque Du Soleil