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What is a Priestess Anyway? by Abby Tucker

October 17, 2018

Abby Tucker

Abby Tucker is a beloved teacher, priestess and mystic, who is known for integrating her two paths — mystical earth-based and gnostic wisdom with the practices of yoga — asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra and mythology.  In her many offerings, including our France Yoga Retreat, Abby’s chief mission is to serve as a guide to help students unveil their internal wisdom and power, and to educate them into the depth of practice so that they can thrive in practice and life for the long-term.

Have a look into Abby Tucker’s path to becoming a priestess (originally posted here) —

Honestly, I couldn’t answer that question when the word first seduced me.  It’s not exactly part of our modern vernacular or understanding.  In 2012, a voice from deep within told me that it was time for me to train as a priestess, despite the fact that, in all honesty, I didn’t know that was even a thing.  And, even after all these years of formal training, I am still working to define a path that as its very essence is mysterious and elusive.  It’s a word I will be defining and redefining as time flows on and as perception opens up.

Priestess: Throughout time and across cultures, women have heard the call into service. In days of old, these women were cloistered and trained for three to nine years in service to the world as a vessel of the Goddess. They were revered and cared for as important members of the community. They were healers, oracles, storytellers, ceremonialists. They were women who were sovereign unto themselves and who walked between the realms as channels of love, wisdom and power. A priestess knows the cycles of the Earth, is trained in the arts of the sorceress, but above all is the hands and voice of the Goddess on the Earth Walk. Her lifetime is a path of service, ritual and living in the joy of embodiment even as she hears and deeply feels the sorrows of the Earth and her creatures..

A little background . . . 

New Moon in Gemini. 2012. After a tumultuous start to the year, I found myself in a deep inquiry of who I was at my core.  Labels and identifiers that I had been given and had claimed for myself broke down in a spectacular fashion, and I found myself questioning pretty much everything. When you’ve gone around identifying yourself, not only as a yoga teacher, but as a very specific one, and that changes, a healthy dose of “who am I” initiates your quest. Who is it that sits underneath and permeates through all that I am? Who is at my center?

New Moon in Gemini. 2014.  I walked into a quiet grove of redwoods to cross a threshold—to begin a formal path of training as a priestess of Avalon.  On that afternoon late in May, there were witnesses to this ceremony—those I could see: the blackbirds, redwoods and oaks, elderflower bushes, squirrels, a nearby trickle of a stream; and those who I felt: those beings of the elemental realms—who listened and watched as I stood with two feet planted on the Earth and two arms raised to the Heavens and spoke the deepest desires of my heart to be in deeper connection to the land, to the Mystery and to myself.  On that New Moon in Gemini, I formally entered a spiraling path into and out from myself that will continue until my last breath.

New Moon in Gemini. 2018. Time spirals. Today is the New Moon in Gemini 2018. The Moon is back to the place it was when officially I started . . . I heard the initial call six years ago, and I’ve walked on this path for four full years and three formal spirals of apprenticeship in the Awakening Avalon Mystery School. I was initiated as a Priestess in 2015 and spoke my soul vows as a High Priestess of Avalon by the sacred Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England last month. My formal training is complete and now, the rest of my life will be spent living into the Mystery and learning what it means to embody the High Priestess.

So now what? It’s not like Priestess or High Priestess is a job description. You don’t have a business card. It’s not a thing you “do,” but something you ARE in all that you do. It is living multi-dimensionally within yourself and into the world and beyond what we think of as real.  So, Now . . . I dive deeper, sourced and resourced from myself.  I continue the quest . . . Asking the questions to which there are simultaneously no answers and infinite answers . . . Serving the earth and her beings in integrity . . . Guiding those who hear the call and ask the question . . . And, of course, continuing on in all my other realms of being in this life as a beloved, a mother, a teacher, a wine grower, a sacred activist, and on and on.

Originally posted on Save your spot on the France Yoga Retreat with Abby Tucker.