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Watch: Kimber Simpkins: What Is Intuitive Eating?

May 12, 2016

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Are you loving, and truly enjoying what you are eating? Or, are you dieting and striving to change your body through restriction.

Kimber Simpkins, yoga teacher author of “Full: how one woman found yoga, eased her inner hunger, and started loving herself” and the upcoming book, “52 Ways to Love Your Body,” is joined byKaren Scheuner to talk about the freedom and trust in your body you can regain by listening to what your body is really hungry for, in the video below.

Do you eat intuitively? Let us know your thoughts.

If you’re ready to improve your relationship with your body and your Self, join us and Kimber on our Love Your Body Yoga Retreat at the Lotus Feed this July 1–3, 2016. Reserve your spot here! 

Kimber Simpkins is the author of "Full: How I Satisfied My Insatiable Hunger and Learned to Feed My Soul," a book about loving your body, letting go of diets, and embracing your whole life. She's also the author of the upcoming book, " "52 Ways to Love Your Body." Kimber is also a renown Anusara yoga teacher and weaves Buddhist meditation teachers into her many body-love workshops throughout the world.