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Watch: Experience Life at Maderas Village, Nicaragua

July 7, 2016

maderas yoga

Maderas Village, Nicaragua — it’s not a vacation, it’s a lifestyle, which is why it’s the perfect place to embrace a healthy, holistic lifestyle while experience deep relaxation and fun through the yoga practice, beachside relaxation, and healthy personal and exploration.

According to Maderas themselves: “What began as a quest to create a place for friends and family to congregate has evolved into an idyllic boutique resort just off the beaten path in the Pacific coastal hills of Nicaragua. With great intention, we’ve made a home for the modern traveler, for thinkers and doers and all of their interesting associates. In fully recognizing that it’s always the individuals that make an experience, we take great pride in our ability to attract and cultivate a community of characters, of movers and shakers, creative professionals, students, travelers, business savants, entrepreneurs, and everyone else in between.”

Experience a taste of Maderas by viewing the video below:

Maderas Village from Maderas Life on Vimeo.

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Maderas Village is an airy, sustainably-minded Surf Village nestled into a hillside jungle, overlooking Maderas beach. Guests describe The Maderas Village as an undiscovered boutique resort, a summer camp for adults, or a retirement community for young people.

Nicaragua is full of natural beauty and a rich cultural history. While we love to see people fall in love with the Maderas life and never leave, we also encourage people to experience the other parts of Nicaragua that make living here so much fun.

There are a range of accommodations to choose from to suit every travelers need. All rooms are a lovely mix between rustic charm and stylish design with a sustainable touch. Some private rooms have private baths while others have shared baths. Rooms are located in larger cabanas or in stand alone structures (casitas). Nicaragua is hot and while the lack of hot water for showering might seem like a disadvantage, you find it’s really not necessary.

Managua Intl Airport is closest and we can help set up a shuttle for you (and possibly others if they arrive at the same time). Just let us know your flight details and we can take it from there. It’s best to try to arrive between mid morning and mid afternoon, and depart noon onwards.