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California Calling – YOGASCAPES Featured in VOGUE

October 19, 2016

lotus feed

VOGUE features FP ESCAPES Sonoma Harvest Retreat in California destinations guide, and we’ve conjured up an English version for you here:

Northern California. Search and skip a yoga retreat – it is not really an option. YOGASCAPES organizes yoga weekends in-weeks include Peru, Nicaragua, Iceland and natural California itself, interspersed with things like surfing or a pilgrimage. Beyond Sausalito, Sonoma, you’ll find the Lotus Feed Retreat Center. It belongs to the local Taylor Maid-farm, successful chain of organic farms in North and South America. Besides Hatha yoga they are specializing in farm-to-table-dishes: quiche tata’s (mini frittata baked in a muffin-form), chocolate-chiapudding, kefir with blueberries and lime and salads of soba noodles, seaweed and perfectly ripe tomatoes from the backyard. Food as medicine, as Hippocrates already wrote.

The three yoga sessions per day are far from a punishment; rather calm and meditative in nature, and are provided on the sun deck, where you so overlooks the lush grounds. The camp consists of teepees hung with lanterns, cottages and yurts feature a romantic roll top bath.

In 1968, when Napa Valley was declared the first protected Nature in America, it’s fate as sustainable wine region sealed. Although you can stay here on numerous vineyards, you feel like a king or queen in the eco-kept Calistoga Ranch.

This is where… Queen Rania of Jordan sips red wine (or juice), while the air at times almost burgundy colors and hummingbirds come and fly. Also on the Calistoga Ranch, the farm-to-table philosophy is upheld. That is easy, because Northern California is the Tuscany of the United States: all citrus fruits to avocados and nuts growing up a storm. At Calistoga Ranch, the nature is as intact as possible. For example, there was no single tree cut down during the construction of the luxury resort. The fifty guest houses, made of cedar, were not nature-disturbing…