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A Visual Journey Through Magical Marrakesh (Photo Essay)

November 30, 2015

Marrakech Yoga Retreat

Suzi and I recently journeyed to the Fellah Hotel in Marrakesh with YOGASCAPES. Our adventure was magical.

Talk about a completely different landscape.
This one was dry and golden with mountains in the distance.
…and surrounded by cacti.
 The hotel is set on 25 acres,
 …with vegetable plots and fruit trees surrounding all the apartments and all sorts of animals to say hello to.
It’s a quirky place with lots of surprises,
…and things to discover,
…like Touco’s place,
where you can drink mint tea,
and get a henna tattoo.
Best of all, there were tiny cats wherever you went!
It was the perfect setting for some good yoga. Lately I have become more in love with my yoga practice than ever. Earlier this year I discovered a teacher called Katie Silcox who has written a brilliant Ayurveda book called Healthy Happy Sexy. Katie is a long time student of Rod Stryker who I have been studying with for the past couple of years so I was immediately interested in her work. I read her book and learned so much, so I decided that I wanted to study with her in person. Ta-da! Morocco here we come.
It was wonderful to meet to twenty or so other yogis. Suze and myself  from the UK, Mica from Australia and everyone else from all over the States (and how they loved our British accents). I loved Katie’s teaching. It was like a soft, gentle embrace and I hung on every sweet word. We sang our little hearts out, learned new mantras, did sun, moon and fire practices, we learned about what we carry on our breath and how to smooth it out, we did some cathartic African tribal singing, we laughed, we shared, we cried and there was just so much love.
We have made lovely friends around the world.
Look at these lovely faces!
In the next few blog posts I’ll take you on some of our adventures. We went on a huge road trip to the desert, rode camels, we went to Moroccan cooking school and had three crazy days in the busy heart of Marrakech staying in a beautiful Riad. I can’t wait to carry on blogging…

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