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A Visual Journey Through Magical Marrakesh (Photo Essay – Part II)

December 4, 2015

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When Suzi and I were planning our “things to do and see in Morocco,” I told her I had no desire to go to the desert and had no longing to ride a camel. She was fine with that as she felt the same way.

Little did we know that adventurous YOGASCAPES had other plans. We began our road trip through the Atlas mountains to the Zagora desert!

The road trip was looooong,

…the windiest, queasiest, hairiest journey through the mountains. It was going to be six hours, then eight, but really in ended up being 10. Eighteen yogis cooped up on a bus longing to stretch…

But we got to see 10-hours worth of Morocco!

We saw incredible geography,

…little mountain villages,

…”service stations'” (bring your own loo roll),

…awesome views,

…curious shops,
 …wild mountain cats,
…roadside stalls,

(Bong bought a camel)
…Berber buildings,
…date palms laden with fruit,
…green oasis’s in the most unexpected places,
…and a whole lot of normal life going on..
Best of all, we had 10 whole hours to get to know each other. We told our stories..the long drawn out versions. There was plenty of time to elaborate!
We arrived at the desert at dusk and met our camels.
…and our guides.
Rupa was up first, yelping. It’s such a long way up!

As the sun set behind us and the crescent moon rose, we trudged off into the desert.
The camp was amazing. This was glamping. Comfy beds in cosy tents, running water and a restaurant tent where we were served fresh dates and steaming turkey tagines. We had a big camp fire under the stars with singing and drumming.
The stars were incredible!I wished upon a shooting str. And the silence (between drumming and general merriment) was so soothing. In addition, all that soft warm sand seemed to pull the sounds down and soften their edges. It was a soft, warm sandy silence.
That morning became my golden, most cherished moment of the trip.
In tantric hatha yoga, we are often asked to bring the sun or the moon into our awareness while we practice. The sun brings life and energy. The moon stability and deep calm.
This sunrise in the desert with the warm sand beneath my bare feet became MY SUN. It’s the sun I will bring with me. It soaked right in. And YOGASCAPES’ Ben was sitting on a rock, soaking it up, too, as he sang his beautiful mantras. The sound was drifting down, making my moment even more magical.
And then it was daytime.
 Everyone was golden.
Breakfast was waiting and so were our camels.
And we were off again.
Can you tell? I liked the desert. And even the camels. So there’s a lesson: You don’t always know what is good for you but life does and it will give it to you anyway. That’s our yoga.


I'm Hannah Nunn, designer/maker of papercut lamps, wallpaper and fabrics all inspired by the beautiful details of nature. I'm the owner of Radiance lighting shop in Hebden Bridge and author of Illuminate. Find out what inspires me and join me for walks in the woods and other adventures...