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The Urban Yoga

December 19, 2014

“How do I perceive space if I surrender myself to it with my whole sensuous body and give myself up to feelings that are running through space?” This is the question Anja asks with her video, “Urban Yoga”. Off the mat and into the street, Anja is redefining how we think, breath, and move in urban spaces as yogis. We’re so inspired by her practice, who knows, we might just have to host an Urban Yoga Retreat! What do you think?

Connect with Anja by checking out her Kickstarter campaign to help publish The Urban Yoga Photo Book! Put the video on full screen, enjoy, and… get outside!

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Shared with permission from original publisher.

Anja Humljan

How does your city feel? An architect and yogi discovering New York, Madrid, Paris and Ljubljana by focusing on the body and senses.

Anja Humljan is a freelance architect, yoga teacher and dancer with an interdisciplinary approach to architecture: in Slovenia she studied architecture, in Denmark digital design, in Australia video art, photo-media, and sound recording, and pursued projects in New York, Madrid, and Paris. Space Potential is her laboratory for experimental architecture, investigating tools and media, and crafting unique methods for analyzing space based on subconscious sensory experience. She believes subconscious sensory experience can enrich our existence by giving new meanings and possibilities to our life in the city.