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January 20, 2017

Years ago I was in Italy, lying on the floor in the living room of my teacher’s house Diane Long. It was the first pose of the practice and Diane didn’t let me move. When I began to change position, Diane continuously stopped me: “No, no, no.. try again.” Finally, after 30 min. it dawned on me and I began to move my body, freely.

The lesson was to become completely present and to find my unique way of being. The light of this awareness in yoga took away what I assumed my teacher (aka the world) expected of me.

This was the beginning of my journey of taking ownership of my yoga, which now gives me a lot of joy and motivation to practice. I rarely feel challenged to get on my mat and I see the practice as a celebration of life, as a training of becoming more my-self, an indefinable part of the universe.

Here is how you can find this sense of ownership for your yoga: TRUST.

It doesn’t matter if you’re beginner, advanced student or a teacher. Trust is the intangible attitude we have to have towards our practice. It’s essential to everything in life.

We have to trust that this yoga works. We have to trust that life is working out for us. We have to trust that there is an abundance of love, friendships, happiness and resources for us. Always.

Because then we open up. Then we begin to see the world differently, we begin to be the cause of our lives and not the effect of it.

Then we move from the core of our being, we radiate presence and light, and we attract the desired.

Next time you are on your yoga mat, have faith that you will do the right thing. Believe in your breath, be confident and curious with your movements, allow to feel your body; BE every thought, every muscle, every tenderness and tightness.

The way we practice yoga is the way we live our lives.

Trust life, because life trusts you.

Alexa Nehter

German born and raised science and sports educator turned Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, author of The Clean Yogi, speaker and mentor Alexa Nehter engages a wide audience globally with her relatable and encouraging approach to yoga and mindful living.

Alexa believes in the refinement of movement, space and stillness. Her mission is to inspire a passion for yoga in a way that is inclusive, inviting and empowering. Alexa offers yoga retreats, classes, courses and workshops online and in person world wide.