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Travel Insurance

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1. In case anything happens on retreat and you need serious medical attention, you will be covered. This could save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in extreme cases. The last thing you want on a yoga retreat is to come away owing a lot of money when there is insurance available at low cost. Most accidents happen when people are not expecting it, on trips or vacations that seem more uneventful than the more adventurous ones.

2. In case you need to cancel under 60 days (we and most companies, don’t refund under 60 days), for a reason qualified in your particular insurance, you will be able to recover a percentage of your loss with the tour operator and the flights.

3. In case there are any travel delays or cancellations, lost baggage, theft, you will be covered. This happens all the time and can end up costing participants hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

4. If anything happens that is out of Yogascapes control, whether political unrest, natural disaster, flight cancellations, or anything along those lines, during your retreat, Yogascapes will be unable to refund you the money, so you’ll be able to file a claim through insurance to get a certain amount of your money back.



Tip #1: Find out which of your credit cards include trip insurance. Make sure that it covers both travel insurance and medical insurance and then use that card to purchase your whole retreat! This will cover the amount of the cost of what you are purchasing with your card. For example if you purchase your flights with your card, worth $1000, and your retreat ($2000) with another card that doesn’t include insurance, you’ll want separate insurance to cover $2000. Best option: purchase everything on your card with insurance.

Tip #2: Purchase your travel insurance within a week of your flight so that you get the most out of your cancel for any reason policy or other cancellation policies.

Tip #3: Cancel for any reason is great but it may not cover as much as you think.

Tip #4: Be sure to include the full cost of your whole trip and the entire length of travel.




We suggest Travelguard , Wanderwell or WorldNomads.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions here.