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The Travel Guide: Amalfi Coast, Italy

July 18, 2017

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In 1953, John Steinbeck wrote, “Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.”

It’s true. Even now.

Yogascapes and GLDMNE have partnered to create a dream travel guide to Italy’s Amalfi Coast giving you our secrets of where to eat, stay and what to do in Positano. 

We host our Amalfi Coast Yoga Retreat at La Selva retreat center, located between the water town of Positano and the mountain town, Montepertuso. The hike between the two consists of 1,500 steps, a total elevation gain of 1,137 feet above the Mediterranean. La Selva sits cliffside somewhere in the middle and is only accessible by foot. A true hiker’s paradise.

Our week together was filled with hikes, yoga classes, boats, beaches, incredible family meals, exploration and discovery.

Location: Southern Italy, along the Amalfi Coastline

Coordinates: 36°25′N 25°26′E

Population: >4,000

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Ristorante il Ritrovo –  This is our favorite restaurant in the area. Located in Montepertuso, the atmosphere is relaxed and away from the crowds of Positano. Lively at night, a famous reputation brings many from surrounding areas. Open from 9am until after digestivo, Il Ritrovo offers everything from homemade cookies and cappuccinos to long lunches and late dinners.

Ristorante Mediterraneo – The Zucchini Flowers are a must start to any meal. This restaurant is up from the beach and offers a great patio to dine and people watch the crowds of Positano.

Al Palazzo – The restaurant of Palazzo Murat, a fancy hotel with beautiful outdoor seating in Positano. Very romantic.

Terrazza Cele – With a terrace overlooking the water, this restaurant hosts great views for sunset.

positano GLDMNEpositano GLDMNE


Gastrotrekking – With Metafarm. Take a walk through the flora and fauna of Montepertuso with co-founder Giacomo Miola and learn about local edibles. Lemon leaves, poppy petals and flowers that taste like garlic, Giacomo introduces a new way of looking at the greenery around you and teaches you how to forage your own food. Take what you’ve foraged back to the kitchen at Colle dell’Ara and prepare a home cooked feast, connecting with the land around you through all five senses.

Path of the Gods – A five mile hike from Agerola to Montepertuso (sections above the Positanocoastline). Take a bus or taxi to the trailhead in Agerola and hike all the way to Montepertuso, duration about 3.5 hours. The trek itself covers rocky terrain that slopes upward toward and beyond an ancient church and vineyard, across ruins of an old town, and along the ridge line to Montepertuso. For the full experience, hire guide Maurizio De Rosa, whose family’s farm is along the path itself. More information here.

Private boat to Capri – An incredible way to experience the coastline and gain perspective of Positano from the water. Your driver will be well versed in land and sea, taking you to various caves, grattos and beaches along the way.

Rock Climb – Connect with Cristiano Bacci from La Selva to hire a guide. We hiked from La Selva up to a wall beyond the “hole in the rock” with guide Francesco Galasso. The views from town are stunning, the views from a rock wall above the town, beyond.

Sea Kayak + Paddle Board – A more active approach to viewing the Positano coastline.

positano GLDMNEpositano GLDMNE


La Selva – A rock climbing and yoga oasis, La Selva is only accessible by foot from Positano or Montepertuso. This is a hiker’s rustic paradise, located along a mountain path. The property has an outdoor yoga platform + indoor yoga studio and can accommodate large groups with rooms sleeping up to 6 people. Private rooms are also available.

Colle dell’Ara – Home to Metafarms, this B+B is near the top of Montepertuso, overlooking town and water.

La Casa di Peppe – Skip the mountain hikes and stick to Positano’s many stairs at this boutique hotel. Once the residence of a local family, this elegant home was converted into a series of original suits complete with large Italian bathrooms, a hard find in many areas of Italy.

positano GLDMNE

For retreats with YOGASCAPES in Italy, discover more here.

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