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Top 7 Yoga Retreats in Colombia

September 29, 2017

Colombia has emerged as a hot spot for travelers across the globe, as it is a jewel of a country that seems to have a little some thing special for everyone. Now yogis have all kinds of options as well, when it comes to finding a place to rest, ground, and connect – Colombia has some fine choices for all budgets. Here at YOGASCAPES we are always keeping our eyes open for new gems and spaces that entice us to step out of the busyness of our lives and recalibrate – body, mind and spirit. Our Colombia Yoga Retreat is an invitation to your gypsy soul to come and flow where the Sierra Nevada Mountains meet the Caribbean sea, held within strong community.

Check out our top 7 picks for retreat centers in Colombia, starting with our personal favorite:


1. EL GITANA DEL MAR | Santa Marta, Colombia
Our top pick for yoga, sup, unspoiled beaches, mountains, jungle and a little bit of magic.
Check out our retreat at Gitana HERE

Gitana del Mar Boutique Beach Resort is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Colombia. The resort lies in the foothills of the impressive and magical Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, the world’s highest coastal mountain range. This area is referred to as the heart of the world, not only because of it’s geographical location, but more importantly because every single ecosystem exists and thrives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. El Gitana del Mar is a place where you can disconnect from the hectic world and appreciate the simpler things in life. Find harmony with mother earth as she offers up the sun, empty virgin beaches, fresh salt air and unforgettable panoramic seascapes. This retreat centre offers a relaxing world where time moves slowly and you can reflect and appreciate all that life and nature have to give. Remember peace on empty, white sand beaches. Rise with the sun over the Caribbean and fall asleep counting falling stars in the Milky Way.

2. EL MATUY | Palomino, Colombia
Rugged beachfront beauty, no electricity and peace and tranquility are all on the menu here.

Offering rustic comfort and beach front views, arriving at this eco lodge feels a bit like finding one of those places that you aren’t sure still exist. El Matuy invites you to truly unplug with no electricity. Rooms and lounge spaces are lit with candles and oil lamps, providing a unique opportunity to get quiet and reconnect with yourself. Make no mistake, being sans electricity does not mean lack of comfort here – rooms are tastefully decorated, warm and inviting. The location is on a quiet white sand beach with close proximity to Tayrona National Park and the Palomino River, so if you are seeking some adventure – hiking, river tubing or exploring the jungle are all right in your backyard. If on the other hand, you are looking for some R and R, there are plenty of hammocks, loungers and bean bag chairs at your disposal. To top it all off, prices include three healthy, love infused meals that are cooked on a wood-fired stove. You really can’t go wrong here…

3. ALOHA KE AKUA RETREAT | Minca, Colombia
Indigenous huts, lost city trekking, local coffee and plant medicine make this place truly unique.

Have you ever heard it said that the most magical places are often the hardest to reach ? Well that rings true for this small little retreat tucked way up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It takes a little more travel time and perhaps some added patience to get here but once you do, you will never want to leave.  Dorms and private rooms are hand-built using local materials – you can even stay in a traditional Indigenous Wiwa hut. From here you can book the epic Lost City Trek, explore waterfalls and enjoy locally harvested Colombian coffee. Plant medicine is a big part of what they do here as well, so if you are interested in Ayahuasca or Kambo Medicine, this place would be an excellent fit.

A tough climb to a view that will take your breath away, sunsets, forest huts and good vibes all-round.

colombia yoga retreat

It requires a little hike up a hill (la loma) … I am not going to lie, but once you summit, you will be thankful you made the effort. This place has a lot going for it and is full of little treasures and seriously good vibes. Stay in the Presidential Suite, the tree house, the dorm or one of the forest huts with views that will leave you in awe of Pachamama. Enjoy local honey, coffee and cocktails, as well as evening “family style” (mostly vegetarian) meals served up with lots of love and intention. You can also refine your Spanish skills here at their language school and dive into a daily yoga rhythm augmented with massage and adventure. Visit a local family cacao farm or go repelling, river tubing and canyoning… this place has it all going on.  There are lots of ways you can spend your time here, but the highlight just might be sunset and star-gazing so make sure you carve out lots of time to be wowed by the wonders of the night-time sky.

5.  LA CASA DE LOTO | Finca 50 (close to Medellin), Colombia
Ayurveda, organic meals, mountain views, Yoga and noble silence.


Casa de Loto is an ayurvedic nature resort, committed to the vision of helping people balance mind and body through the spiritual practices of meditation, yoga, diet, reiki and massage.  It is a place where noble silence is valued and practiced two days a week in order to allow the energy of silence to penetrate deeply. The location is just outside Medellin, located on a farm in the mountains with a lake, a river and lots of natural space to explore. They offer 1 day, 3 day, 1 week and 4 week retreats that are sure to take you inward and leave you feeling grounded, renewed and connected.

6.  AGAMA YOGA @ FINCA SAN PEDRO | Sogamoso, Colombia
Yoga, Tantric Teachings, resonance, clarity and quality.


Agama Yoga Colombia is located at Finca San Pedro; a beautiful oasis on the outskirts of Sogamoso, 213km from Bogotá. Sogamoso is also known as “The city of the sun” and is situated in the middle of the spectacular region of Sugamuxi. Here you can find the Iraka “great light on earth” Valley, as well as hot springs, Lago de Tota (Colombia’s highest and largest lake) and Temple of the Sun. The Yoga school itself is set within a friendly, family run, beautiful hostel, located on a 2 hectare farm. Being just a few minutes outside of the city, makes this place an ideal starting point for getting to know this unique and far less travelled area of Colombia. Added bonus is you can do this while also exploring your own inner landscape through yoga, diet and meditation.

7. YOGENDRA – Eco Ashram | Cali, Colombia
Solitude, Yoga, mountains and Thai Yoga Massage.

colombia yogendra

Does Vedic Astrology, Yoga Certification, Acro-Yoga or diving deep into Thai Yoga Massage tickle your fancy ? Then consider making your way to the salsa capital of Colombia and venture up to this little slice of peace and tranquility. The Yogendra Ashram, invites you to come unwind and connect with breathtaking panoramic views of The Farallones Mountain Range, a spacious Yoga Shala, fields to play and practice in. Not to mention, they have a beautiful pool and lots of hammocks for quiet contemplation and rest. Conveniently located just 12 minutes outside of Barrio San Antonio, which happens to be one of the hippest Bohemian neighbourhoods in Cali. This peaceful hideaway does ask you to follow some rules during your stay, like abstaining from alcohol and drugs, as well as observing a vegetarian diet. So be sure to check in that this aligns with your travel intentions and then give yourself the gift of presence at this spiritual retreat in the clouds.

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