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Top 5 Retreat Centers in Tulum

December 18, 2014

Tulum is perhaps one of the most spiritually abundant little beach towns I’ve ever experienced.  You can’t walk down the beach with out stepping on someone meditating, or into a hotel that doesn’t offer yoga. The food is healthy and delicious, the water is warm and healing.  People wake for the sunrise over the ocean and climb towers to see it set over the jungle.  Sweat lodges, mayan ceremony, underground crystal clear water caves, massage and healing are in available in abundance.

You may have also heard that Brooklyn moved to Tulum and you’re not wrong.  Don’t worry,  you can still experience the magic of Tulum without staying in the posh, pretentious corporate retreat centers on most “Tulum Guides”.

We’re not going to Tulum this year but you can join us on our annual yoga retreat in Todos Santos, January 7-13, here!

1. Uno Astrolodge
The Real Deal – Solo healing trip or magical group retreat

We love our yoga retreats at Uno because it’s a real community, anchored in spiritual practice and in love with the nature.  The cabins are rustic but charming and in tune with the surroundings.  The food is absolutely delicious, healthy and full of love and the stretch of beach is absolutely the best in all of Tulum

Photo by Ali Kaukas

2. Shambala Petit Hotel
Simple Magical – A charming/special retreat experience

Right next door to Uno Astrolodge, Shambala Petit is the most charming, romantic and special little hotel.  The whole energy feels quiet and sweet.  The rooms are filled with white and orange and every step you take through the white sand feels clean and friendly.  The food is absolutely to die for – I think it’s one of the best restaurants on the beach.  The cozy nature of Shambalah, being limited to around 16-20 people, makes your whole experience there feel cozy and like home.  The yoga studio is right on the water and is one of the most magical spots to practice yoga in all of Tulum


3. Utopia
Abundant Offerings – Solo Travel and Fun-loving Retreat

If you’re looking for an escape from the city and a launching point to explore Tulum/Mexico, Utopia Guesthouse is a charming and affordable place to dig your toes in with a great community and a lot of yoga retreats to choose from!


4. Yoga Shala Tulum

Cozy, Quiet, Authentic – Good For Solo Travelers

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to deepen your practice and not get caught up in the liveliness of the tourism and bigger retreat centers in Tulum, then Yoga Shala Tulum is the perfect spot to hide away.  With just a few rooms, a super friendly staff, a cozy yoga space make it an affordable oasis in the heart of the the main strip.


5.  Casa Violeta
Charming – A romantic escape or retreat

I stumbled upon Casa Violeta because there’s just something irresistible about it.  The restaurant is gorgeous and bright with the magical light that Casa Violeta seems to have harnessed and spread throughout all of it’s rooms and spaces.  Like many places in Tulum, Casa Violeta calls out to your inner lover and although it cries to be shared with your loved ones, it holds space such that even writing a postcard, or drinking a smoothie by yourself feels like a love affair.

Casa Violeta


We’re not going to Tulum this year but you can join us on our annual yoga retreat in Todos Santos, January 7-13, here!

Ben Crosky

Ben has hosted multiple yoga retreats in Tulum and is always looking for the best spots to host retreats. He loves the bohemian-yoga-beach vibe of Tulum, it's amazing beach and the spiritual element of being in Maya land.

Title photo by Ali Kaukas