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Why Things Need to be a Hell, Yes in 2017

January 24, 2017

katie silcox yoga

I had had a conversation with a business C.E.O.-type friend. He was telling me about the struggles he was having with an employee, and how he was considering the difficult task of letting this person go. Now, this is the kinda guy that has such a good heart that he would keep an employee on for far too long just to be nice.

I asked him, “Well, he is she a hell, yes?”

“What’s a hell, yes? he answered.

“A hell, yes. It’s the feeling you get when you deeply think about this relationship. About how things are feeling (not thinking). When you are having a hell, yes moment, your body lights up, the front lobes of your brain get perky and your heart feels really calm or happy, even if this person or situation is not perfect. 

“Oh wow,” he said. “I think Im gonna have a meeting with my entire company on this hell, yes thing. We could do everything based on this philosophy.”

“Hell, yes,” I replied.

Hell, yes is absolutely NOT about just dropping things when they feel bad. Think about your best friend. Your partner. Some aspects of your career. Your kids! There may be things about them that totally suck. Life is hard sometimes. Anything worth having and experiencing usually comes at the price of hard work and surrender to things not always feeling good. But when you think about the important, totally valued things in your life, there’s a HELL, YES in there, right?

I created my own list of HELL YES things for 2017:

  1. My sister, Mary Dove – we fight, we cry, we metaphysically mud wrestle. It’s not always easy but her presence in my life is a huge hell, yes.
  2. Meditation – This is one of the best examples of my hell, yes. Trust me, meditation is usually NOT EASY initially, but giving myself 30-60 minutes of deep love-surrender every morning has created a structure that permeates my whole life and trains my brain for worthiness, success and adaptability of vision.
  3. My commitment to Ayurveda in my own self-care practices. If I can’t love myself, I can’t feel the real God Inside – and how the hell am I gonna be able to love you?
  4. The Lineage of Love – Last year was tough for our little spirit-infused lady business. We rolled the company over from WIMG onto my own website and with the tech challenges, we lost the majority of our members. I honestly thought about quitting it completely. But as soon as I would even think of that, someone would write me, text me, show up to a workshop telling me it was their monthly yoga Prozac, that it helped…so, we kept it alive. And we are almost back to where we were before the roll-over! Hell. Yes.
  5. Sleep
  6. Prayer
  7. Owning and processing my feelings instead of reacting.
  8. Pleasure and joy – who is SO ready for more of that in their life??
  9. Spirit-Study through travel. I have found no sweeter way than to re-start life through adventure travel with a spiritual focus. I’ll be joining Yogascapes in Italy in 2017. That is a massive Hell, Yes!

Recently, I have also had to acknowledge the people, objects and even mind-sets that are NOT a hell, yes. Its tough to let go of an employee, old clothes or a friendship that has gone in different directions. But when you clear the way, you really do energetically open the channels for more of that hell-yes-feeling in your life.

What are your hell, yes objects for 2017?

What may not be?

From my heart to your screen,


Katie Silcox

Katie Silcox is the New York Times Best-Selling author of the book, Healthy, Happy, Sexy - Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women. She is also an internationally-recognized yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, writer and inspirer of hearts and minds. She is renowned for her depth of study, her ability to present the complexities of yoga’s ancient wisdom in a practical, life-affirming manner, as well as her unique capacity to distill the teachings of yoga with southern-belle humor and grace. Her signature teaching style blends classical yoga, vinyasa-based asana and life-changing Tantric/Ayurvedic philosophy.

Katie was named one of San Francisco's Best Yoga Teachers by Common Ground Magazine in 2009, one of "70 Yogis Changing the World" by Origin Magazine in 2014, and one of "100 Trailblazers in Yoga and Ayurveda" by Spirituality and Health Magazine in 2015. Katie has written extensively on the topics of yoga, Ayurveda, sexuality, herbalism and women’s health in such publications as Yoga Journal, Common Ground Magazine and Origin Magazine. Her best-selling book has been translated into multiple languages around the globe.

She studied with Krishnamacharya’s living legacies, A.G. and Indra Mohan in Chennai India, and later went on to work with her current teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, within the Sri-Vidya ParaYoga lineage. She also apprenticed with Ayurveda expert and author, Dr. Claudia Welch and currently studies shamanism with Sheryl Netzky, a senior teacher within The Four Winds Society.