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Sachi Doctor is the founder of Elemental Alchemy, offering handcrafted Ayurvedic products and personalized wellness services to support those navigating their way towards sustainable health. She is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher and tea maker from a lineage of Indian healers and doctors and has been imbued in both Eastern tradition and Western medicine since childhood. Marrying the wisdom of these two worlds, Sachi blends Ayurvedic principles and yogic philosophy with physiology and mindfulness techniques to help individuals understand their mind-body composition and empower them to reclaim agency for their health.

Whether working one-on-one or leading group workshops, immersions and retreats, Sachi understands that health is an ongoing process rather than a state of being and aims to reconnect individuals with their innate resources — the body’s instinctive alchemy — that holds the intelligence necessary for vibrant health. She approaches this work with a sense of childlike curiosity and wonder, helping shift the experience of self-care and preventative medicine from one self-doubt and critical thinking to one that invites joy and beauty. In utilizing both ancient techniques to reconnect with natural rhythms and practical tools to manage time and energy, she has the unique ability to hold true to tradition while meeting people where they are with non-judgement, compassion and warmth. You can learn more about Sachi and explore her product line at and @elemental_alchemy.


Sachi Doctor


Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher

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