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The most basic questions are often the hardest to answer (or maybe just over used). where are you from? what do you do? what type of yoga do you teach? who am i?  where am i? everywhere, someone…i came from the cosmos and i just teach yoga.  somehow that doesn’t satisfy the curious mind…

Consider me an eternal student, a free spirited explorer diving into the depths of my own being, searching the globe for guidance and inspiration. i am a natural born healer, an intuitive mind with a strong connection to the energetic rhythms of life. as are you. through the experience of pain i’ve learned about the healing potential of the human body and have since dedicated myself to sharing this understanding.  i hope it helps.

Trained in the arts of dance, gymnastics, visual imagery and design, yoga and awareness through breath centered movement, I incorporate a life time of lessons into each class.. encouraging my students to integrate practices of conscious flow into daily motion.  i personally believe there is no one size fits all style of yoga practice for everyone.. and hesitate to even use the name yoga these days because of the divisions we have created within this holistic practice.  my own personal routines vary by day and mood, mixing meditation practices, pranayama, qi gong, self massage and acupressure with acrobatics and traditional hatha practice.  we are all unique in our needs, every day of our life and our daily devotion to ourselves should reflect these shifts.

Beyond movement and breath my interests include natural plant medicine, art and music therapy and being the best human i can be for all of the four, six and eight limbed creatures that roam the earth. i make natural remedies and beauty products from my kitchen, give foster care to stray animals and gladly share space with spiders. my intention is to live a simple life, filled with love, laughter and beauty…to learn more about my journey to now:

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Rebecca Jo


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