Molly Levine & Andrea “Anj” Manitsas


Andrea (affectionately called “Anj”) has become known for a potent class with a whole lotta soul and a fierce flow; some dub it “SoulFlow.” She warmly invites students on a sacred journey through her unique expression of the Vinyasa flow that is dreamy and rhythmic while also being smart and intentional. Her classes incorporate mantras and chanting, philosophy, storytelling, meditation, breath awareness, essential oils, challenge and space for a personal unfolding.
Anj continues to connect an ever-growing well of experience with impressive music and book libraries to inspire bodies to move, minds to focus and hearts to heal. As a professional reader/writer/editor, she works to imbibe her classes with the depth of the teachings. Anj also leads worldwide yoga retreats.

Molly is a bicoastal chef, known for her lyrical approach to farm to table cookery. The spirit of communion and natural cycles define both Molly’s generous hosting style as well her flair for multicultural flavors. An avid organizer of farm dinners and unique gatherings, she cherishes the function that food can play in fostering connectivity and life-long, joyous  memories between family and strangers alike. Inspired by her global travels, she incorporates Mexican, Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian, and classic Californian ingredients, often in novel combinations, in her menus. Having honed her skills at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California she believes strongly in sourcing ethically, locally, & seasonally, and connecting her audience with the people who grow and raise their food as a part of a greater conversation and movement.

As Molly dives even deeper into the richness of her work, she is excited to share her love of travel, yoga, and healthful rituals in an expansion of her offerings outside the walls of restaurants. Turning to adaptogenic herbs for her own health, she is delighted to incorporate them into her cooking and share her ever growing knowledge of their applications in every day practices.


Molly Levine & Andrea “Anj” Manitsas


Chef & Yoga Teacher


California Adaptogen Retreat