Molly Jo & Erin Pfahler


A shared love of mindfulness, delicious food and sustainability first brought Erin and Molly Jo together as coworkers at The Village Bakery in Athens, Ohio. 

The two have inspired, taught and supported one another along their individual and shared paths toward healing, wellness and union ever since. 

They take great care and pride in combining their passions for Adventures, Yoga, Music, Food, Earth Medicine, Writing, Creative Expression, Community and Healing to create joyful and nourishing experiences to share with others.

Together, they lovingly craft dynamic yoga practices steeped in pranayama, mindful movement, meditation, sound healing, restoration and thoughtful, beneficial assists to strengthen mental, emotional and physical well-being.  They are delighted to share an unforgettable journey to connect deeply to these beautiful lands and an enduring sense of joy and wellness.


Molly Jo & Erin Pfahler


Adventures in Nourishment

molly jo and erin pfahler