Lihi Benisty


I flirted with yoga my entire life but I could never quite get myself to commit. After college, I dedicated myself to a daily practice purely as a way to workout. Despite my initial objective, subtle shifts began to take place as I continued to roll out my mat. I started to slow down, get out of my head and into my body. That’s when my perspective of yoga shifted from a mode of exercise to a healing art. Each practice offers me the opportunity to hold space and to show up for myself, exactly where I am.

As a teacher, I aim to guide students toward cultivating an inner-awareness while building strength and flexibility of both body and mind. I strive to include the perfect alchemy of precise physical instruction, intelligence, intention, and space into my classes. Expect detailed attention to alignment in an attempt to discover the subtleties of each posture, while using the breath to find a sense of lightness and ease. The respect that I have for all of my teachers who have walked this path before me runs deep. In my classes you will always find balance between STABILITY and EASE. OM ~


Lihi Benisty


Yoga Teacher

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