Jazz Braden


Born and raised in Yellowknife, NWT Jazz grew up with a massive appreciation for the wild outdoors. Every day, her family would bundle up and brave any arctic temperature and go play outside. Trudging through the snow, canoeing on the lake, climbing on the rocks or skiing through the trees was the cure to any and all problems. Movement was always a big part of her life, but it wasn’t until she stumbled onto a yoga mat that she understood why her mother rushed her out of the door at -40 degrees in the dead of winter. At the most basic and primal level, we all crave one thing: Connection. We want to feel connected to something greater then ourselves. The truest and simplest ways (I have found) to feel connected is by being in nature or by practicing yoga.

Yoga is the practice of self love and self discovery. These shapes we bend, stretch, bind, jump and twist our bodies into exist purely to show us our true nature as magnificent beings. The clumsy athlete I was 6 years ago would have just rolled her eyes at that statement. Yoga found me in my last year of varsity basketball when my body was at its wits end. It was the first time I ever felt graceful and beautiful in my body. And it was the first time I was moving just to feel good rather then to improve my stats. This practice has opened my eyes and heart repeatedly to my pure potential beyond what I ever thought possible. Every time we come to the mat, we are given a chance to fall in love with ourselves over and over again. What a gift that is! No matter how scattered or torn in all directions we may feel, that connection to self is what pieces us all back together, it brings us home.

Jazz teaches vinyasa flow style yoga that offers something for every body. You are given space to challenge yourself and be playful, as every sequence creatively brings you closer to your true self. Mantra work, pranayam, heartfelt intention, soulful music and a sense of community are all important elements of her classes. Through play and adventure,  you flow into a deeper understanding of your own body and ultimately wake up to your own divinity.


Jazz Braden


Yoga Teacher

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