Evan Soroka


Evan Soroka is a type 1 diabetic and yoga therapist based in Aspen, Colorado. Her classes and private work have been greatly influenced by Samkhya philosophy, the teachings of Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and his son, TKV Desikachar as well as the tantric spiritual path of Sri Vidya all learned from her teachers Rod Stryker, Gary Kraftsow and Leslie Kaminoff.  She has completed considerable training with all three teachers as well as assisted and is a Certified Viniyoga Therapist. The impact of these experiences can be felt in her ability to powerfully transmit spiritual depth and physiological subtly in a context that is accessible and honest. Evan shines in her dedication and compassion for education and service. She has lead Yoga Alliance certified teacher trainings and numerous workshop style experiences at home and abroad.

She is known for her transparency, dedication and patience. Her classes and private sessions are like receiving a hug from a long lost friend. They are laser-focused, challenging yet light-hearted and nurturing. Evan believes that yoga is a means of both physical and spiritual transformation. Working with Evan you will gain the tools to become your own masterful conduit for change. She attributes her own health and wellbeing to the science of yoga therapy discovered through her own personal journey with type 1 diabetes and guidance from her masterful teachers.


Evan Soroka

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