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Devon Sweeney is a yogini, bodywork artist, and writer based in Colorado. Through unique postural sequences, guided breathwork, and creative soundscapes, Devon‘s practices are an experience of integration and creative expression. She is known for her direct and balanced approach to modern vinyasa from the perspective of a bodyworker. Her teaching method is centered around serving the intelligent flow of life through movement and somatic guidance to nurture oneself and develop greater awareness of individual well-being.  She challenges students to explore ways they can connect to their own experience of body wisdom and sustainable living with asana and lifestyle practices to optimize their day-to-day experience. Her background lies in systems-based research on the behavioral psychology of holistic well-being coined as the ’Sustainable Personality’ and Shaiva Tantra. This multi-dimensional exploration of life through the unified lens of a modern yogic practice is what inspires her students to expand their creative and diverse presence in the world. Devon is also a Licensed Massage Therapist in Colorado with a specialization in Breathing Dysfunction and Diaphragmatic Restructuring.

Devon is an affiliate teacher trainer for the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga alongside her teacher Shiva Rea and offers trainings and classes in Denver regularly. Teaching at a variety of festivals, events, and studio settings, Devon‘s unique ability to lead group practices with graceful clarity shines through. Her vinyasa classes are delicately balanced experiences of rhythm and flow, subtle cueing and unique movement patterns. She teaches the pathway of Krisnamacharyan based Prana Vinyasa® yoga and it’s Tantric philosophy towards Yin Yoga, meditation, and gentle vinyasa. She leads full spectrum vinyasa flow practices to suit the needs of any body in an intelligent and evolutionary methodology of mindfulness and fluid movement. Devon also has a background in Eastern Religious studies and is a constant student of the changing paradigms of modern behavioral psychology, movement therapies, and neurological/physiological stress management techniques.


Devon Sweeney



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