Ashley Neese


Breathwork is the practice I love because I see how quickly and powerfully it gets straight to the heart of what so many of us are seeking.

We all want to feel less stress, to feel more present and to have more confidence as we move through this world.

Breathing moves our energy, so we can access the level of clarity that helps us connect to our spirit, to others and accelerate our life.

I’ve been practicing yogic breathwork for many years. Learning to use the power of my own breath to clear, heal and empower every aspect of my life is why I am called to share these accessible and life changing practices with as many women as possible.

My hope is my work helps women feel their purpose, find depth in their joy and reflect the light of who they are back out into the world.

“Loving ourseleves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do. ”



Ashley Neese


Breathwork Guide & Yoga Teacher

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