Anne Marie Kramer


Committed to empowering others, Anne Marie Kramer inspires sensuality and strength with her intuitive teaching. Her approach to yoga is playful and edgy. Don’t be surprised if you hear Krishna Das and Tupac in the same class! She’s known for her creative sequencing, “F” bombs, loving assists, ability to hold students in silence and words that pierce the soul.

Anne Marie believes in the healing power of yoga, and its ripple effect on the community and world. In 2007, she founded Zuda Yoga and Zuda’s Open Your Heart Teacher Training. There are studios in Sacramento, Folsom and Roseville. Hundreds of Zuda’s training graduates have gone on to teach yoga and open many studios not only in the greater Sacramento area but around the nation and world.
After teaching others for 20 years, Anne Marie is learning her biggest life lessons from all aspects of life. Everything is a teaching. Yoga is everywhere. And when Anne Marie is teaching: Expect the unexpected!


Anne Marie Kramer


Yoga Teacher

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