Ai Kubo


“I am a yoga teacher, mother and a scientist. I teach busy people to dive deep inside their heart to find what is most important to them so they can align their lifestyle in order to live their lives with full potential.”

Ai is a yoga teacher, mother of two girls, and a scientist. Now with over a decade of teaching experience, she devotes her teaching helping busy people find balance, improve wellness, and live their lives to their fullest potential. Ai is also a scientist.  She received PhD in epidemiology from from Columbia University, and has about 30 scientific publications in peer-reviewed medical journals. Her research has been focused on the effects of life-style related factors such as diet on cancer.  She also conducted a study on yoga, “A pilot intervention study of yoga for multiethnic patients with heart failure,” published in International Journal of Yoga Therapy (2011). Currently, she is developing studies to see if meditation and mindfulness can reduce stress among cancer patients and their partners. When she is not teaching yoga or working as a scientist, she enjoys spending her time with her two young daughters, gardening, cooking, hiking, biking, and being in nature. She loves the idea of ‘locavoire’- she grows many types of vegetables in her backyard so she has always super-fresh ingredients on the family table. Her two daughters are her best yoga teachers, constantly reminding her to live in the present moment, and to enjoy life fully.


Ai Kubo


Yoga Instructor

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