Aditi Shah


I grew up a tree climber, barefoot in my backyard with wild hair, trying not to dirty the frocks in which my mother would dress me. I am not a sit still kind of person; I love to move and I love yoga. But yoga is more than a form of movement.

My mission as a yoga and meditation teacher is to show others that a practice is more than making space in your body; it is making space in your mind. One of the things that gives me great joy is cultivating community around this sort of mindfulness. Through gatherings like Mindful Morning, corporate and public events, the classes and trainings I teach in NYC, my goal is to create an experience that is deeper than something physical. After all, yoga is an energetic practice, an experience that threads together the inner and outer selves.

My personal practice is somewhat traditional, and definitely disciplined. Within that structure, there is an inner lightness that leads to creativity, playfulness and cultivates honest self-discovery. At the heart of my practice is the same feeling. I teach a flowing vinyasa class threaded with alignment and structure, and I love to explore playful ways to experience the practice. Similarly, meditation, serves as a way to sit quietly and experience our inner landscape, to shed the layers we build up out in the Real World, and bring us back to our authentic selves.


Aditi Shah


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